[email protected] Falls for His Fans…Literally (Watch)

There’s no denying that Luke Bryan gives it his all each and every time he hits the stage. He’s currently riding at the top of the country world, having just been named People‘s Sexiest Man in Country and scoring yet ANOTHER #1 hit with “Play It Again.”


And while Luke shakes his moneymaker harder than any other star in country, it can be argued that sometimes he shakes it a wee bit too hard. While on stage last night in Charlotte, North Carolina, Luke took quite the tumble and we’re left to wonder if he was taking that whole “Crash My Party” thing a little too literally.

After tumbling to the floor between the stage and the screaming audience, Luke admits that this isn’t the first time he’s fallen off the stage in Charlotte, and that the same thing happened the last time he played there. Perhaps his stage crew should invest in a guardrail?

Luckily for us, the whole thing was captured on Instagram.
Watch here:

He later took to Twitter to assure fans he was okay, tweeting, “I’m good. Few stitches.” And if you’ve ever wondered what Luke looks like underneath those tight jeans…well, here’s your answer.


Luke tweeted about this embarrassing photo, “My socks scream liberty. Go USA.”

And this is why we love Luke – he’s not afraid to make fun of himself…and┬áliterally fall for his fans.

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