[email protected] Makes 4-Year-Old Autistic Boy’s Dream Come True (Watch!)

Wearing a “Luke Bryan is one of the pieces to my puzzle” shirt, four-year-old Riley, who was diagnosed with Autism, and his mother visited 107.7 WGNA in Albany, New York to discuss Riley’s love for Luke and his music. Luke has made such a difference in Riley’s life that, when asked, his mother’s one message to the country music superstar was “I just thank him for the music that he does and he just … when Riley pretends he’s him, he’s a whole ‘nother person.”

In an effort to continue to put the pieces of Riley’s puzzle together, Luke phoned into 107.7 to talk to his young fan and his mother. Luke explained that he didn’t realize the significance of the relationship between Autism and the puzzle pieces, but now that he does, being equated to a piece of Riley’s puzzle is “really really amazing.” Also during the broadcast, Luke asked young Riley what his favorite song is, to which he replied “Play It Again.” Riley then received a live, on-air performance of this track, during which Riley flipped his own hat backward, grabbed a guitar, and strummed along.

This isn’t the first time Luke Bryan has made a young fan’s dreams come true. Over the holiday season, CMA World teamed up with Macy’s to make an eight-year-old cancer patient’s dream of meeting Luke a reality. Luke met Tatum Libbesmeier and serenaded her with “Rain Is a Good Thing.”

In a world where it is so easy to see the negatives, it is truly refreshing to see megastars like Luke Bryan spreading positivity and joy to those in need. You can watch ET Now’s coverage of Luke making little Riley’s dreams come true here:

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