[email protected]’s Music Helps Young Leukemia Patient

Luke Bryan has proven to make a difference in many young people’s lives. Whether it has been a phone call to four-year-old autistic child who worships the Entertainer of the Year or a tweet to a terminally ill teenager, Luke sure knows how to aid in the power of healing by shedding momentary happiness that will be remembered for a lifetime.

This time is a little different, however, as Luke might not have had contact with one young fan in particular, but he has made quite an impact on her, regardless. Two-year-old Lyanna Flynn is battling leukemia and is on a strict medication regimen. As one would expect from a toddler, Lyanna doesn’t always take her pills on command, but her father has identified┬áhis young daughter’s spoonful of sugar.

Lyanna’s father explained that he tells his daughter:

After we take your medicine, we can listen to your music, okay?

Though she never takes her pills without a scrunched up face, her frown turns upside down as soon as she is handed her dad’s phone so she can listen to Luke’s “That’s My Kinda Night.” We have no doubt that Luke would be absolutely tickled to see how he is helping this darling patient, considering what a kind-hearted man he is known to be.

Country Music’s #CMchat sends wishes of health and happiness to Lyanna Flynn and her family as she continues to be a warrior.

Watch Luke Bryan’s music help Lyanna Flynn

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