Single Review: Wearin’ My Cowboy Boots by Lyndsey Highland

Tales of the heart and revenge on bad men appear to be the dominant themes for new country songs performed on the radio by women these days. One can’t help but wonder though, “Why aren’t ladies allowed to get into it, like their hard-partying country guy counterparts?” We know girls just want to have fun, but for some reason we don’t get to hear about it anymore.

That could be changing.

It’s no secret that up and coming country singer Lyndsey Highlander excels at songs of love and loss as evidenced by her 2012 You Can’t Stop Me EP. But now she’s ready hit the town and lasso herself up a cowboy in style with her sassy new single “Wearin’ My Cowboy Boots.”

Sonically, “Wearin’ My Country Boots” is a hip shaking modern country song that highlights Highlander’s strong and seductive vocals that when combined with the tune’s driving guitars and well-placed fiddle whines lead to quite the hoedown.

I heard the song live a couple weeks ago and quickly likened it to Kellie Pickler’s bold “Red High Heels.” But while Pickler’s song has a revenge factor to it, “Wearin’ My Cowboy Boots” is actually straight up “I’m goin’ out tonight and havin’ me a good time” goodness. The song’s protagonist knows she has the right attitude and look that will make the boys swoon, especially when she puts on that perfect pair of boots.

In actuality “Wearin’ My Cowboy Boots” is more of a modern take on Shania Twain’s megahit “Man! I Feel Like A Woman.” In fact, Highlander alludes to the iconic Canadian songstress when she cleverly unleashes her bad girl self in the second verse, singing “My little sassy walk drives all the boys insane. You want a sexy drawl, I got Shania’s Twain right here. “

As the bombastic chorus hits, Highlander lets everyone know that she’s the center of attention confidently singing, “With my hair up like Loretta, I’m a shot from a Beretta. Party like it’s my birthday when I shake it like Beyonce. I’m digging on my country roots, when I’m wearing my cowboy boots.”

The song briefly but affectively veers into pop territory just before the bridge when Highlander’s voice is digitally enhanced/hushed as she repeats the line “Lay back put your boots on, and you can’t help but sing along,” which ultimately climaxes into a booming bridge that brilliantly sums up the song with one lyric: “Yeah they all gonna stop and stare when you got the perfect pair.”

“Wearin’ My Cowboy Boots” written by Highlander and Jeffrey East doesn’t reinvent the wheel when it comes to a good time song sung by a woman. It doesn’t need to, if only because country radio hasn’t been oversaturated with such songs by women in years. It’s simply an engaging and entertaining country rocker that Highlander rightly believes “a lot of gals can relate to.”


Author: Country Cadre

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