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The past couple of years have been an exciting period for Texas newcomer Macy Martin. She tells CMChat that seeing her singles such as “Baby What Ya Doing” receive such a warm reception at Country Radio has been a very rewarding feeling.

“It’s been great to have such wonderful support behind my music,” she says, while adding there is more where that comes from.

“We’ve been in the studio working on new material, and hitting it hard. It’s a little bit different – definitely more cross-over styles. I definitely have sounds from people who have influenced me, like Martina McBride, George Strait, and Dolly Parton, but the influence of Pop music has really expanded the market for Country Music. So, the new material has a little more of that flair, but it’s definitely still country,” she confirms.

Martin collaborated once again with Kent Wells on the new album – of which “Heart Sleeve Soul” has just been released as the first single, but she is also working with UMG’s Brian Todd as well. She says the multiple-producer approach has worked rather well. “That’s been a really neat experience. When we first talked to Kent, he was all for it. Producers can be kind of territorial at times, but they both have been amazing about working together and making sure the music is all compatible – that it all blends together well. I think they make a good team.”

Just like with any successful team, Martin knows that each person involved in her career has to be on his or her A-game – including herself. “I feel like with the music industry – something that changes daily, and has so many trends – if you have your mind in the game and your mind is set to really be a part of something, it doesn’t take that long to learn. I feel that the fact that there are so many female artists that are becoming prominent has been great for Country Music, as well as me and my team. I’ve learned to take full advantage of everything you can reach for and attain.”

Martin started performing at age six, and by 13 she was singing the National Anthem at events at her school. Following her career has led to being away from friends and family during her latter teenage years, but there are no regrets. “Being in high school, and getting to graduate early, getting to experience this life for the past three years has been really amazing – especially at such a young age. You realize how great it is to be a kid, but also you see what it’s going to be like in the music business. It’s been great to learn and see that, as well as travel and see different places and cultures – just in the United States alone.”

She allows that if there have been times where she longed for that high school experience, her schoolmates have made her feel accepted. “When I was younger, I would watch videos of Taylor Swift and her experiences. When she first started working with Big Machine, she was still attending public high school. It showed her there, and people coming up to her talking about hearing her music or seeing her videos. My school district, my principal, teachers and friends have all been so supportive. I feel like they have kept me from missing that experience. Each time I come back, the reception has always been so warm.”

She also has fond memories of her Lone Star roots too. “Everything in Texas is so much bigger,” she proudly says. “There’s a true spirit. Every state has its pride, but in Texas, it goes without saying. Country Music is such a part of the Texas culture. When I was younger, I grew up on a 200-acre ranch with my family. When we got there, it was a big piece of thicket, and my dad would clear a different path. Each day, after he got done clearing something with a dozer, he would get my mom and I in the car which we still have to this day. I still remember always calling shotgun, and I would sit and play with the radio. I remember hearing such iconic voices as Martina, Faith, Reba, and it was a big moment for me. Texas was a great place to grow up.”

The songstress hopes to continue to use her growing popularity to help various charities she is involved with, such as her own Macy’s Toy Box. Of the cause, she says “It’s a nonprofit organization that I started back when I was in second grade. We collect new and gently used toys for kids in need. We work with a lot of organizations like St. Jude’s and Make-A-Wish, as well as Ronald McDonald’s House.”

Macy Martin is putting the finishing touches on the follow-up to her Find My Melody project, and is also looking forward to enrolling in Nashville’s Belmont University this fall, studying Music Business with an emphasis on Law.


Author: Chuck Dauphin

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