Review: @MaddieandTae’s Self-Titled Debut EP

Tonight’s special pre-CMA Awards Country Music #CMchat guests, girl power duo Maddie & Tae, have now released their debut EP, following the resounding success of their first single, “Girl In a Country Song.” With a four-track offering that includes their lead single, as well as three other songs that aptly introduce Maddie & Tae to the country music industry, the girls further showcase their sassy, tongue-in-cheek personalities that fans have come to love.

“Sierra” is a song that the duo dedicates to a girl who clearly has her head (and nose) in the clouds and needs to be knocked down a rung or twelve. Don’t you worry, Sierra, Maddie & Tae are happy to be the ones who hand you the necessary dose of reality. The track stays on point with “Girl In a Country Song,” showing Maddie & Tae’s playful side and ability to release a song that is catchy and comedic. And if you ever come across someone who could stand a lesson on that little thing we call karma, look no further than “Sierra.”

“Your Side of Town” maintains the theme of uptempo, fast-paced, dance-worthy songs. The track insists that a heartbreaker stays on his side of town and far away from theirs. With the release of songs like “Sierra” and “Your Side of Town,” Maddie & Tae prove that they are able to bring back an old school country sound, push the envelope, and give new female artists the chance to cross the proverbial barricades into the “other side of town” and make waves in music.

The highlight of Maddie & Tae’s debut EP is “Fly,” a song that departs from the snark and one-two punch that the other three songs possess, and spotlights the girls’ beautiful voices and smooth harmonies. Maddie & Tae share the vocal responsibilities throughout the track, complementing each other flawlessly. “Fly” is a motivational song that will resonate well with the girls’ fans, teaching them that it’s okay to fall because they will learn to flap their wings in the process.

What you will find on Maddie & Tae is a collection of songs that proves that this duo is ready to step out into the limelight, be themselves, and challenge a few boundaries along the way. A breath of fresh air, it is great to see two females, especially young females, feel confident enough in their own skin to come into a genre that is predominantly male as of late and make sure their presence is known. This EP will further solidify Maddie & Tae’s apparent readiness to take country music by storm and break any “rules” they need to along the way to ensure they command the respect they rightfully deserve. Hats off to this dynamic duo for their explosive introduction!

You can download Maddie & Tae’s self-titled debut EP now by clicking the iTunes banner below.

Watch Maddie & Tae’s video for “Girl In a Country Song” here:

Maddie & Tae EP

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