[email protected] Release Music Video for “Girl In A Country Song”

“No country music was harmed in the making of this song”. Those are the words spoken at the beginning of the brand new music video for Maddie and Tae‘s breakout single “Girl in a Country Song“. Of course that opening statement is referring to the lyrics the song holds as it pokes fun at and calls out most of the popular “bro-country” songs for the less than satisfying views they have on women.

The music video plays along to the lyrics, and the men in the video play the parts of how women are depicted in current country songs today (and it’s hilarious!). Maddie Marlow and Tae Dye admit the song is playful and not meant to attack anybody. And although the video is humorous, it definitely shows that the way women are viewed in country songs today doesn’t fly with them. And no matter what your view is on this topic, I’m sure we all can agree that women have more to offer than just looking good, and this is exactly the message Maddie and Tae are spreading.

Check out Maddie and Tae’s music video for “Girl in a Country Song” below:

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  1. Well, first wondering if I'm posting in the right spot for Maddie and Tae’s music video for “Girl in a Country Song”. If not, I guess it's a random statement in some other thread. Simply wanted to say "Girl in a County Song" is a sure hit! What a fun song and with good beat. I respect the message as well. Now, I will be seeking out more music from Maddie and Tae. I shall be a fan. 🙂

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