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Every week in Country Music #CMchat’s #DigitalDuel we will be featuring songs for you to vote on. The songs might be related, might be different covers, or have no relation at all. Once they’re posted, it’s up to you – the fans – to spread the word and hash it out to win the #DigitalDuel. Simple enough?

Here’s your new challenge:

Maddie and Tae “Girl In A Country Song” vs. Maggie Rose “Girl In Your Truck Song” vs RaeLynn “God Made Girls” – ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ Battle

Last week, we focused on “bro country”… from a literal aspect. We had two duos composed of brothers and their latest singles. This week, we took a different approach to country – “bra country”. We are pitting together three songs sung by women that are all about girls, hence the ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ #DigitalDuel Battle. All three songs that are presented take a different approach to what it means to be a girl. Give each song a listen and don’t forget to vote in this digital duel!

Maddie and Tae have been critically acclaimed for their debut single, “Girl In A Country Song.” The song focuses on the unfair objectification of women in country songs over the last few years. The song even spawns the question “Being a girl in a country song, how in the world did it go so wrong?” The video takes a humorous approach and flips a switch to make the boys the object of a song. Watch the video and let us know what you think of their interpretation.

Unlike Maddie and Tae, Maggie Rose wants to be the girl in the truck songs. Her take on the subject actually puts her in the lines of some of your favorite “bro country” songs. Sidenote: this song was actually co-written by one of #CMchat’s favorite songwriters, Caitlyn Smith! Check out the song and use it to help decide which song will be your pick for this “Girls, Girls, Girls” Battle.

Described by #CMchat’s Jen Swirsky as a song that “drips with girl power, embracing the qualities possessed by girls,” RaeLynn‘s “God Made Girls” is about how girls are her to look pretty and flirt in addition to putting up a fight. As a 20-year-old, RaeLynn keeps the song playful and has been popular among her fans. Give the song a listen to gain your own opinion:

Last week, the bro-battle had Brothers Osborne reign supreme. In this ‘bra-country’ battle, we have raised the stakes by adding an extra song to the competition.  Who will be crowned the winner in this head-to-head battle? Vote for your pick in this week’s #DigitalDuel.

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