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While Maggie Rose has had some incredible singles, she’s one of many female artists who have been unfairly obscured by the current bro-country movement. As a response, she just released her new single, “Girl in Your Truck Song,” which one would expect to be an attack on the current state of country music. Shockingly however, this track is the antithesis of Maddie & Tae’s “Girl In A Country Song,” which puts your favorite country bros on blast. Instead, Rose follows a similar style to Maddie & Tae by namedropping current country songs, but is perfectly fine with hopping into the tight-jeaned, leading lady role in today’s country hits.

The song cleverly drops in lyrical nods to Florida Georgia Line, Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan and more, but rather than do so with vitriol, she does so with acceptance, admitting, “I wanna be the girl in your truck song.”

Written by Caityln Smith, Gordie Sampson and Troy Verges, “Girl in Your Truck Song” plays safely to the current trends in the genre with a surprising lack of sarcasm or inherent distaste. She’s positive and accepting here, and in fact, takes on a role that many girls would probably enjoy. Who wouldn’t want to be a country girl muse for the genre’s current leading men?

While Rose’s voice shines over the simple melody, it’s the clever lyrics that truly elevate this song. It’s a unique tactic here, as we suspect listeners who are unfamiliar with Rose will be forced to take notice as her sweet voice drops lyrics to some of country’s most recent hits. This plays well in the chorus here, “I can be the girl in your truck song/ The one that makes you sing along/ Makes you wanna cruise/ Drink a little moonshine down/ Leave a couple tattoos on this town/ Chillin’ out with a cold beer/ Yeah, hanging with the boys round here/ Gonna take a little ride/ That’s my kind of night/ You and me getting out shine on/ I wanna be the girl in your truck song.”

It’s interesting that Maggie Rose’s song comes just days after the buzz about Maddie & Tae’s “Girl In A Country Song” began, but aside from the similar structure and female voices, the tracks couldn’t be more different. And that’s okay. While Maddie & Tae have their claws out against all the bros and the stereotyping of females in country music, Rose is cool with hopping in the bed of a truck and being the girl your favorite boys are singing about.

With its playfully smart lyrics, catchy arrangement and the fact that it touches on a hot topic, the track seems poised for radio success. Rose’s two highest charting songs barely cracked the Top 30, 2012’s “I Ain’t Your Mama” and 2013’s “Better,” which is a shame for her most recent single “Looking Back Now.” While we think it’s time for a female who isn’t named Miranda or Carrie to achieve some major success, there’s no denying the boys club that currently rules country radio. It’ll be interesting to see how radio and country fans alike embrace “Girl in Your Truck Song,” but either way, we applaud Rose for trying something different.

There’s nothing wrong with being a girl in a truck song, and you know what they say, If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

Listen to Maggie Rose’s “Girl in Your Truck Song” here!

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  1. This girl has it going on! Do like ALL of her music. From the soulful tunes like “Better” and “Paper Chains” to the rowdy “Ain’t Your Momma” and now “Girl in your Truck Song”. So good!

  2. Word of advice to M&T: hopping in the back of the guy’s truck isn’t always a bad thing. And taking potshots at them might actually have a Wile E. Coyote effect.

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