Album Review: Maren Morris – Hero

Texas native Maren Morris’ Sony Music Nashville debut Hero contains 11 honest tracks that push boundaries musically. She has created the perfect package for listeners. Not only did a fearless Morris co-write all 11 tracks but she also produced them as well, with some help from Mike Busbee and Brad Hill.

Hero shows a lot of grit and sarcasm. It digs deep and displays a story of someone who is strong yet, continues to keep a wall up. Although it starts with a fun flirty R&B shaped track titled “Sugar” it’s not long before you start hearing the raw lyrics within this brutally honest masterpiece. “Rich” is an upbeat track which showcases a sassy but cynical side as she paints a picture of what it’s like dealing with a liar.

You may find Morris to show some slight vulnerability with tracks such as “I Could Use A Love Song” and “How It’s Done.” Each possess a softer melody and lyrics. Morris adds some pop inspired flare with “80s Mercedes,” a fun and confident tune that tends to be a fan-favorite live. Although creativity has never been a lacking trait for Morris, she hits the mark with the groovy island inspired track “Drunk Girls Don’t Cry” and her debut single “My Church.”

Morris says the album title is personal and has everything to do with her inner battles. “Hero is all about a journey,” she says. “A lot of these songs came from a place of honesty and redemption. I looked very carefully at my own life, and that itself feels very heroic.” Which rings true within the bluesy, vocally commanding track “I Wish I Was.”

Morris exhibits graceful yet natural vocal ability within tracks such as “Just Another Thing” and “Once.” Then you have the all-powerful and compelling “Second Wind” which resonates so much confidence and strength.

Hero is a lively, powerful and edgy album. The stories are profoundly real and Morris is just as fearless as she is brilliant. Between the awe-inspiring vocals and the sincerity within the lyrics, Hero could easily be one of the best female albums of the year.

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Author: Brittany Vance

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