Album Review: Martina McBride – Reckless

It’s not often discussed but Martina McBride is modern country royalty. She sits on the upper echelon of long-admired modern country women like Faith Hill, Shania Twain and Sara Evans who all follow their heart and not popular trends.

Since her 1992 debut The Time Has Come, McBride has enthralled country music fans with her powerful soprano and songs about life and love in good times and bad. In recent years she scored Top  20 hits with the playful “Teenage Daughters” and the poignant “I’m Gonna Love You Through It,” both from her 2011 album Eleven. In 2014 McBride released Everlasting, a set of classic soul and Motown songs which stretched out her musical wings at a time when the bros were dominating country radio.

McBride now returns to her pop country roots with a new album Reckless, and the 49-year-old mother of three has never sounded better.

The album kicks off with the first single and title track. “Reckless,” a radio-ready hit in the making that features soaring vocals, and honest, yet accepting lines like “I’m bending all the rules and crashed like a fool…I know I’m reckless, but you must be reckless too.”

McBride has always thrived when delving into matters of the heart. Songs like “Low All Afternoon” is full of heartache, while the jaw-dropping “We’ll Pick Up Where We Left Off” just solidifies her spot as an emotional lighthouse in modern country music.

Reckless features two notable collaborations, “Diamond,” a solid track with Keith Urban, who seems almost underutilized as a vocalist and guitar player, and the sublimely wonderful steel guitar-driven “The Real Thing” with Buddy Miller.

Rounding out the album is the hopeful “Just Around The Corner,” the string-tinged “Everyone Wants To Be Loved,” and “That’s The Thing About Love” which is simply classic McBride goodness that will have you singing along with the chorus upon repeated listens.

If country radio gives “Reckless a fighting chance, 2016 could be a very big year for Martina McBride. It already is though for fans of this timeless country singer who has returned to her heyday with a powerful and nearly flawless return to form album.

Pick up Reckless by Martina McBride on iTunes.

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