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Sometimes there are truly no words to describe the beauty of a live performance, especially when you live in Nashville and attend songwriters rounds often. There are many artists in this town who have the ability to win you over — mind, heart, and soul — but few who can stop the hands of time for an entire room of people.

Mary Sarah did just that during a recent The Listening Room performance. In fact, she mesmerized onlookers so much that the moment the show ended, people rushed over to ask for her name so they could go home and Google their new favorite rising star.

It wasn’t just one song that won the crowd over; it was her entire set of intelligently written songs that introduced the many layers of the young artist. Whether she was expressing deep-rooted pain or showing off her sassy and snarky side, the audience couldn’t help but fall in love with her as the night progressed.

However, it was the final song, a song simply named “Steel,” that cemented her name in everybody’s minds and hearts. “Steel,” which Mary Sarah is currently shopping to ABC’s Nashville, can best be described as soothing and pleasant, while the singer-songwriter is absolutely magnetizing. With the voice of an angel and relatable lyrics that will rip your heart out and cause you to revisit memories you filed away, Mary Sarah silenced the audience as she closed the show in the most magical of ways.

Words cannot do the show’s finale the justice it rightfully deserves, as it was one of the most beautiful performances I have ever experienced. I invite you to watch the video below and share your comments with us on Twitter @CMchatLIVE.

It is also important to note that one of the most spectacular things about this young girl with the old soul is that she is one of the most passionate people with whom I have ever shared a room. The amount of respect and adoration she shows her colleagues on the stage was unlike anything I have ever witnessed.

If you are looking for an artist to inspire you in her craft and as a human being, look no further than Mary Sarah.

Watch Mary Sarah perform “Steel”

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