On “The Island” with Matt Austin

When you need to seek refuge from everyday stress, what is your “island?” Is it a coffee date with a special person, a solo kayak trip down the river, or perhaps, a literal paradise vacation on a remote island? Detroit native, Matt Austin, sought to turn this concept of retreating into song form when he wrote his latest single, “The Island.” It is a jaunty, metaphorical song that uses vivid imagery to relay a relevant message.

The song is appropriately warm and comforting, and features lyrics and light melodies that whisk you away to your happy place. So, what is Austin’s proverbial “island?”

“For me, it’s being at home and hosting friends and family in the summertime while all of the kids play outside and the adults sit around a nighttime backyard fire.”

The official music video for “The Island” was directed by Joshua Lockhart, who has worked with artists such as Old Dominion, and it plays a vital part of bringing the feel-good song to life. Austin appears as the storyteller, and the video illustrates a love story about a guy headed to pursue his career in Nashville while clearly leaving his roots and girlfriend behind. The mood shifts when she picks him up on the side of the road, but the superlative moment is the heartwarming conclusion. Watch to find out!

Let me know what you think of Matt Austin’s song and video for “The Island” at @TieraBolt. Matt Austin’s single “The Island” is available now on iTunes.

Matt Austin The Island

Author: Tiera Bolt

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