A Meaningful Conversation with Rose Falcon

Have you ever met someone and they became even more beautiful as you got to know them? Have you had a conversation that inspired you almost instantly? This is my experience with Rose Falcon. She is simply amazing….creative in every way, learns from experiences from her past, has a depth to her that gets lost way to often in this industry and lives by the principles of visualizing/writing down goals and watching them unfold before her.

#CMchat: What inspired you to begin writing songs? 

Rose was born in NY and moved to Nashville after her mother died of breast cancer. Her dad, Billy Falcon, was a famous singer/songwriter and knew if he was going to balance parenting with a music career he better do it in Music City. Rose found Nashville very difficult to adjust to at first. She was struggling to fit in and felt very isolated. She began to write poetry as a release and eventually realized they sounded like songs. Her first song, Looks Are Everything, was co-written by her dad and was placed on her first album. Rose said her father was her main inspiration but growing up with a songwriter she was exposed to others in the music world. Dylan Atlman, one example, wrote with Billy and now with the girl he watched grow up. Rose saw the writing sessions and how the love of music would bleed from her fathers eyes. She wanted him to feel that way about her and it motivated her to keep writing.

#CMchat: When was that moment that you said “ok, I’ve made it”? 

After the laughter subsides, she humbly said that she will never feel completely satisfied and it drives her. She believes in goal writing and 2 of her goals were to get a record deal and have Faith Hill record one of her songs. She knew the second was unrealistic but was elated when she got the call she dreamed of. She always admired Faith and felt very validated in that moment.

#CMchat: Tell us something people may not know about your beautiful wedding. 

Rose and country singer, Rodney Atkins, met on the Country Throwdown tour. Although they had been touring together they didn’t actually talk until the last night. She knew instantly he was different. The wedding was held in an upscale fishing town of Captiva Island, FL. There were 4 things that really stood out that day.
1) Billy Falcon walked his girl down the aisle. Even though it was a small wedding, about 20 people, she wanted to honor the man that was always by her side.
2) The wedding was officiated by the man who fostered Rodney when he was a child. Charles Hutchins and his wife were there to support Rodney as they had in his youth.
3) During the rehearsal dinner Elijah, Rodney’s 12 year old son, asked Rose if he could give a speech during the ceremony. Rose tried to downplay her emotions so he didn’t change his mind but secretly her heart was overflowing. Right before the vows were exchanged, Elijah, true to his word,  gave a beautiful tribute to the couple.
4) Cindy Miller served as Maid of Honor. Cindy and Rose met at church and she became a mother figure to Rose. She worked for the CMA for many years and would get tickets for Rose to the awards. She was filled with possibility as she sat in that audience and it fueled her love of music.

#CMchat: Tell us about your recent release, Like Crazy.

Rose recently released her video for Like Crazy, a touching collection of proposals, likely inspired by her own engagement. She wanted to move people and it worked. I confessed to her that I cried the first time I watched it…proposals and military reunions always get me. The song was written long ago and made current. It wasn’t a first choice for Rose but fans responded to it and she felt God leading her to release this particular song.

#CMchat: What do you do for fun when you have free time? 

Rose loves to find old furniture and repurpose it, Shabby Chic style. This outlet for her creativity led her to open Gas Lamp Antiques, a booth in an antique mall in town. She also does all of her own social media, cooks, likes to craft and plan parties.

#CMchat: What would people be surprised to learn about you? 

“Im fairly introverted and shy” states Rose. She went on to say that writing and singing come naturally but being on stage is still difficult for her. However, she felt God placed on her heart to share her music in hopes of inspiring someone else.

#CMchat: Do you have any new goals since you checked 1&2 off the list?

Figuring out what song to record is ongoing for her but her driving goal is to play on stage at the historic Ryman Auditorium.

Note: The very night of our conversation Rose was given an early gift. She sang with her husband, Rodney Atkins, at Christmas for Kids held at the Ryman Auditorium. Goal: check.

Rose Falcon is grounded in her faith and deep family values. She shares some of her sweet creative personality through pictures and blogs on her website. http://www.rosefalcon.com.

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