[email protected]_Trainor Shakes It Off @TaylorSwift13 Style … Sort Of (Watch!)

If you have a radio (and a pulse) you have likely heard of Meghan Trainor. She is the current “it” girl, having released the trendy “All About That Bass” (of which we recently posted a Mary Sarah cover) and watching it soar to Number 1 in several countries.

Now, it’s Meghan’s turn to take on a likewise popular and successful track released by another young, but far from unexperienced, artist. Taylor Swift, country girl gone pop, recently released her first single in her new genre, “Shake It Off.” As can be expected, fans from both pop and country flocked toward Taylor, supported her transition, and, more so, supported her song.

“Shake It Off” has already catapulted up the charts to Number 1, so it comes as no surprise that Meghan, a competitor in the world of pop and on the charts, would give it a go at the song. And, we have to admit, she does a pretty spectacular job, stripping the track down, relying simply on her vocals, a ukelele, and a lone guitar. In fact, it is hard to believe that Meghan’s version is even the same song as the upbeat, ear worm that Taylor released during a live Yahoo! broadcast on August 18th.

With all that being said, we can’t decide which version we like better here at Country Music Chat, although, admittedly, Taylor’s version will not leave my head and makes me dance in my seat — that is the sign of a great song. So, we are putting the pressure on all of you to let us know which version you prefer. Do you like Taylor’s original, fun delivery of “Shake It Off,” or are you partial to Meghan’s acoustic rendition of the lead single off the upcoming 1989.

Watch both videos here and let us know what you think by using the poll below:

Taylor Swift’s original “Shake It Off”:

Meghan Trainor’s cover of “Shake It Off”:

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