[email protected] Makes Country Meowsic Jingle (Watch!) #Caturday

We’ve all heard the infamous Meow Mix jingle – meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow. Well, now, Meow Mix has gone country with the help of Nashville songwriter, Jingle Punks. Couple the comedic lyrics with the vocal stylings of J.R. Moore, and Meow Mix has itself a jingle that will appeal to cat lovers across the south because this is just a [hair]ball to listen to/watch!

Think Florida Georgia Line’s alternative country style meets Luke Bryan’s romanticism, as well Bill Engvall’s ridiculous hilariousness, all rolled into one. However, this isn’t your typical country rockin’, bro nation tune about drinks, lust, and pickups. Instead, it is quite simply the story of a man, his cat, and their special relationship.

Starting with twangy guitars and some “whoas,” the jingle immediately reminds listeners/watchers of the jingle that has long preceded it and has gotten itself stuck in our heads for years. The video then begins to tell the story of a man, his cat, and their unique kind of love. Though the man is out of the house all day, when he arrives home the party is just beginning, as his cat is waiting for him. It isn’t long before the two are nestled up in front of a fire having a “bro-mantic” dinner of Meow Mix. At that point, the lyrics (in part) go “here kitty kitty, yeah that’s right; we’re gonna Meow Mix it up tonight.”

In an effort to bring the jingle home with a bang, or a twang, Moore, a guitarist, and a banjo player strum and sing the original catchy, and painfully unforgettable, “meows” from the days of yore. Paws up to Meow Mix, Jingle Punks, and J.R. Moore for a parody that is the purrrr-fect kind of uncomfortable and enough to make me want to feed my dog Meow Mix.

Or I could get a cat … Nah. Here boy, guess what’s for dinner!

Jen Swirsky

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