[email protected] Alum @MichaelSarver1 Releases Single #MissYouSomethingCrazy (Listen!)

You may recognize Michael Sarver from Season 8 of American Idol on which he was a Top 10 finalist. During his stint on Idol, Michael dabbled in several genres of music, but upon his exit from the show and entry into the music industry, he firmly set his sights on and feet in country music.

With Michael’s new single “Miss You Something Crazy,” it is certain that country music will return the favor, wrap its arms around this newcomer, and hold tightly to his talents. Also the songwriter on this track, Michael delivers a flawless performance, utilizing his deep, uniquely sexy vocals to reel the woman he’s missing back into his embrace. No, this is not a country song about a brokenhearted man who wants to win his love back; rather, this is a song about an incredibly happy man who can’t bear to be away from the woman he loves for the span of a day’s time. The swoon-worthy chorus goes:

Well, let the sun go down, turn the lights real low, and play a little song on the radio. Forget about everything else in the world and let love take control. Yeah, all day long, girl, I’ve been waitin’ for the second that you get back home, ’cause baby I miss you something crazy.

Perhaps the most exceptional thing about Michael, aside from his ability to enter country music with a song that is the antithesis of the stereotypical sad tune, is the stellar vocals he brings to the table. While he may be somewhat new to the scene, his voice is polished enough to be likened to those of some of country music’s finest. Demonstrative of a keen understanding of what it takes to appeal to a country music audience, Michael dances across the spectrum of his vocal range seamlessly, leaving no questions as to the extent of his skills unanswered while simultaneously intriguing listeners as to what else he has to offer.

Clearly releasing “Miss You Something Crazy” with the intention of taking the industry by storm, Michael’s goal should be satisfied once the powers that be get their hands on his spectacular offering. Listen to Michael’s “Miss You Something” crazy and download it from iTunes below:

Michael Sarver Miss You Something Crazy

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  1. Thank you for giving Michael Sarver some of the good press he deserves! I love the new song and am looking forward to more from this gentleman.

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