Because Sometimes Even @MirandaLambert Sings Into a Hairbrush (Watch!)

Little Big Town first proposed the question “Why don’t we do a little Day Drinkin’?” which resulted in country music fans everywhere following up with “Yeah! Why don’t we?” Consider this the song that made a day drink, or two, or twelve less suspect and more acceptable; and, for that, we give the award-winning quartet some high fives and will gladly buy the first round of day drinks when we can nab them for an in-person Twangout.

It isn’t only the team here at Country Music #CMchat that values the light and fun song about a good drink before the sun goes down. Those who are on board for a little liquid lunch also include Miranda Lambert and her glam team. In fact, Ran and Friends are such supporters of the idea that they took to social media to share their enthusiasm (and senses of humor) by performing a short clip of the song into hairbrush microphones, complete with melodic whistling.

Watch Miranda Lambert and team do their Glam Jam below.

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