.@MirandaLambert Fan Girls Over Queen B

miranda lambert beyonce knowles fan

It appears Miranda Lambert has room for only a select few in her Little Red Wagon, and one of those lucky passengers is Ms. Queen B herself, Beyoncé. Miranda recently admitted to Taste of Country that she fan girls over the music superstar, and almost (but not all the way) equates herself to a stalker.

Miranda stated:

I went to see her in Dallas. Beyoncé is so famous, she has like a celebrity meet-and-greet. Like there’s a meet-and-greet, then another meet-and-greet, then anyone who might be famous meet-and-greet. You know you’ve made it when you have a celebrity meet-and-greet.
With the number of awards Miranda has racked up in the last few years, the chances are pretty good that she will soon have her very own line of celebrity admires standing by to snap a photo as well.

Author: CM ChatterBox

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