What song do you think @MirandaLambert is most proud of?

Miranda Lambert has a stash of number one songs that could easily be one of her favorites, including, but not limited to, “Over You” co-written by husband Blake Shelton, which stems from the loss of a dear one to them. Heck, even the song that really catapulted her to fame, “Kerosene,” could be a potential frontrunner! But, it was neither of those that the Platinum singer gave credit to for being her favorite. It was the song “Dead Flower,” and a song that deserved mention in that same breath was “Love Looking for You.”

While she acknowledged that neither went out to be a huge hit, as a songwriter, those were ones she held close to hear heart. It’s always insightful to hear what songs mean the most to the people that wrote them. So much goes on behind the scenes that can add a certain kind of value to a particular song that we sometimes don’t comprehend at first.

The multi-award winning country starlet started writing songs at the age of 17 after her father encouraged her to write music she wanted to hear on the radio. Little did they know what a career that would launch. And what a place in history she would take!

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