Single Review: Miranda Lambert with Little Big Town – Smokin’ and Drinkin’

When Miranda Lambert’s latest album Platinum was released last June one of the most intriguing songs for me was the hot “Smokin’ and Drinkin,’” a collaboration with the always brilliant Little Big Town.

The slow-burner of a song written by frequent Lambert collaborator Natalie Hemby, along with hitmakers Shane McAnally and Luke Laird, is one of the album’s best tracks, but I hardly thought it would be a single. Too mellow and laid back for radio, but it’s undeniably one heckuva song and Little Big Town’s understated backing harmonies are a perfect fit for the tune that is right out of Lambert’s nostalgia-song wheelhouse (Think a less bombastic “Automatic” that’s more about hanging with friends around a fire and drinkin’ in your younger days).

I honestly don’t know if “Smokin’ and Drinkin’” was intended to be a single, but it certainly makes sense months after the “brouhaha” surrounding Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush.” Either someone was on the ball and called an audible to catch a ride on the LBT buzz train, or it’s just a fortuitous coincidence. A year after the album’s release, the clairvoyant pairing of Little Big Town with the current queen of country music was a brilliant decision that should find them all atop the charts in a couple months.

Miranda Lambert with Little Big Town
perform Smokin and Drinkin at CMT Awards

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Miranda Lambert Smokin’ and Drinkin’

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