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HOLY COW. The Moonshine Bandits can tweet WOW. I don’t think they missed a question the whole night. In fact they got to so many of your questions I couldn’t even keep up.  I mean dang, these guys don’t mess around and they literally left me BLACKED OUT at end of the chat and ready for some Moonshine!

So if you’ve ever spent time out with me you know that the Moonshine Bandits are one of my go-to plays to get the party started.  I’ve known Bird and Tex from the Moonshine Bandits almost 10 years. True to their name they stole my attention under the moonshine at a nightclub in Fresno and I’ve been mesmerized ever since. It was like the Beastie Boys, Kid Rock and Bocephus had a baby, or maybe it would be more visually suitable to say, if you were to put those artists in a blender, that’s what the Moonshine Bandits remind me of.  

Q1 If you were introducing someone to country music for 1st time who would be on your must listen to list?

A1 CASH, COE, @COLTFORD, @HANK_III , @kidRock – guys that go against the grain

Q2 How would you describe your music style to someone who didn’t know of you guys? via @MsWillieLosito

A2 We make Raise Hell Music for Blue Collar Americans, come to a show so you can feel it!

Q3 If you owned a saloon, what would you name it? via @CountryInAz

A3 We owned/sold a Bar, Shiners Bar, Our most expensive hangover we’ve ever had. Cant own one if u tour !

Q4 Where can we buy your moonshine and BBQ seasoning? via @tierabolt


Q5 How does Blacked Out differ from your prior album Cali Country? via @sneezeguard

A5 More Southern Rock Guitars, better production, like our past albums but on Steroids

Q6 How did you come up with the name “Blacked Out” for your newest album? via @brittwv

A6 Inspired by Man In Black, Johnny cash and how he wore black to rebel against industry, we like to party

Q7 What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done while drinking moonshine? via @shootinthedirt

A7 Don’t remember cuz’ I was #BLACKEDOUT

Q8 If you were a superhero what would your catch phrase be?

A8 I chew barbwire and spit 10 penny nails!

Q9 What can fans expect from your upcoming album? via @CarolSweeney69

A9 Full Throttle Blood pumpin American Anthems

Q10 Is there anything we haven’t asked you about you that you think fans would want to know about you?

A10 How do you think we’d look on our own TV Show? hmmmmm.

“Lady Luck,” the lead single from BackRoad recording artists Moonshine Bandits’ forthcoming album, Blacked Out, released to radio a few weeks ago. With a big, bold Rolling Stones circa Honky Tonk Women Live in 69 opening that has pedal to the metal double kick drum base backed by electric guitar licks and riffs; before the vocals even kick in, you know this song’s about to bring it…featuring Crucifix, Lady Luck is sure to be a hick hop, southern fried country rap rock favorite. Recorded in my old stomping-hood Central Cali, “Lady Luck,” has the trademark Moonshine Bandits’ sound with a healthy infusion of ‘redneck, rockin’ grit.’ Crucifix, billed a rapper, pulls off some big bad ass vocals that would make even Mick shake.

click pic to get
Moonshine Bandits Blacked Out Album

Moonshine Bandits Blacked Out

Moonshine Bandits Blacked Out Tracklist

  1. Dead Man’s Hand
  2. Lasso (Feat. Durwood Black of Burn County)
  3. She’s Crazy
  4. Top Off The Tank
  5. Lady Luck (Feat. Crucifix)
  6. Come On Down
  7. I Earned It
  8. Blacked Out (Feat. Durwood Black)
  9. Good Times
  10. American Banned
  11. Pass The Ammo
  12. Outback (Feat. The Lacs & Durwood Black)
  13. Step (Feat. Sarah Ross)
  14. Full Throttle (Remix) (Feat. Colt Ford)
  15. Outback (Extended (Feat. Durwood Black, Redneck Souljers, D.Thrash, Demun Jones, Bubba Sparxx, Lenny Cooper, Jeff McCool & The Lacs)


To say that Moonshine Bandits qualify as your average West Coast band would be nothing short of an understatement. Tex and Bird are having the time of their lives, making their music their way. Their unique sound, a blend of West Coast beat and country twang, is a strong representation of the California of which they grew up.

“We’re from Central California so it’s very blue collar and agricultural-oriented here in the Valley,” Tex says. “A lot of people have misconceptions about California being all Hollywood or the beach, but where we’re from the main industry is farming. There are a lot dairies, cotton fields, orchards and tomato processing plants.”

Moonshine Bandits’ sound is a hybrid of the music they listened growing up. “We grew up on West Coast hip/hop and West Coast rap, but we also got into country,” says Tex. “The first country song I heard was ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ by Johnny Cash. Now, we do a lot of things in our live show like our own version of Garth Brooks’ ‘Friends in Low Places’ with the Crowd singing along with us and a hiphop driven beat behind it. Our content has always been about where we’re from and what we do. There were a lot of outdoor parties in high school and just a lot of good-time type music.”

Moonshine Bandits have delivered another round of “good-time music” on their latest offering, “Calicountry,” their debut disc on Average Joes Entertainment/Suburban Noize Records set for an early 2014 release.
From the thumping first single “California Country,” and the party anthem “Throwdown,” f/The LACS, to the contagious “We All Country” f/Colt Ford, Charlie Farley and American Idol finalist Sarah Ross, the new album is already turning heads all across the country.

How do they describe their sound? “A lot of our music is hell-raising music,” Tex says. “Our guitars are very loud and our bass is pretty heavy. It’s very much in-your-face kind of music that you can party down to. We’ve got a few songs on there that are a little more personal and a little bit slower. But, for the most part it’s very aggressive.”

If it seems that Moonshine Bandits pay no attention to where lines are drawn, there’s a reason. It runs in the family.

“My great-grandfather was actually a bootlegger in the Bay Area of California,” recalls Tex. He used a barber shop as a front. And my great-aunt was actually pedaling it in baby carriages to politicians during the prohibition years. He was definitely doing what he had to do to support his own family during those tough times.”

Even today, that tradition continues – albeit legally! “We actually did a licensing deal where we endorsed our own moonshine,” says Tex. “It’s distilled here in Modesto which is about an hour from where we live by the Valley Spirits Distillery. It’s 99 proof, un-aged whiskey and is distributed so far in California, Georgia, and New York. Aside from Original, both Apple Pie and Peach are available as well. You can also get it online. There are just a few states that it can’t be shipped to legally. But, it’s doing pretty well.”


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