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So if you’ve ever spent time out with me you know that the Moonshine Bandits are one of my go-to plays to get the party started.  I’ve known Bird and Tex from the Moonshine Bandits almost 10 years. True to their name they stole my attention under the moonshine at a nightclub in Fresno and I’ve been mesmerized ever since. It was like the Beastie Boys, Kid Rock and Bocephus had a baby, or maybe it would be more visually suitable to say, if you were to put those artists in a blender, that’s what the Moonshine Bandits remind me of.  

“Lady Luck,” the lead single from BackRoad recording artists Moonshine Bandits’ forthcoming album, Blacked Out, released to radio this week. With a big, bold Rolling Stones circa Honky Tonk Women Live in 69 opening that has pedal to the metal double kick drum base backed by electric guitar licks and riffs; before the vocals even kick in, you know this song’s about to bring it…featuring Crucifix, Lady Luck is sure to be a hick hop, southern fried country rap rock favorite. Recorded in my old stomping-hood Central Cali, “Lady Luck,” has the trademark Moonshine Bandits’ sound with a healthy infusion of ‘redneck, rockin’ grit.’ Crucifix, billed a rapper, pulls off some big bad ass vocals that would make even Mick shake.

I personally discovered Hick Hop that night in Fresno, even though I didn’t know that’s what it was called. The boys put on a full stage show moving around with so much energy Richard Simmons would barely be able to keep up. Including a lifted stage, about a foot and half off the club dance floor, they had a poll for the scantily clad dancing gals in American flag bathing suit, wearing cowboy hats, boots and daisy dukes. I’d never seen anything like this before and I’ve been to a rave. The energy they put out is contagious. You have to see them in concert, it’s an absolutely surreal experience, so when you see them coming to your city…GO GO GO!!!!

On their new album:

We set out to make a blue-collar record for people who work their asses off and, come Friday and Saturday, just want to let loose and party, says MSB’s Tex. That was the theme of the album from Day One.
We challenged ourselves to explore new ways of writing and performing on this album, said Bird, MSB’s other half. It was an eye-opening experience for me and Tex writing with some of Nashville’s edgiest hitmakers.

moonshine bandits blacked out

Supporting the new album, Moonshine Bandits kick off the second leg of their “Rebels on the Run” headlining tour May 1st with Redneck Souljers and Crucifix as direct support.

Blacked Out Track Listing:

1. Dead Man’s Hand
2. Lasso f/Durwood Black of Burn County
3. She’s Crazy
4. Top Off The Tank
5. Lady Luck f/Crucifix
6. Come on Down
7. I Earned It
8. Blacked Out f/Durwood Black of Burn County
9. Good Times
10. American Banned
11. Pass The Ammo
12. Outback f/The LACS & Durwood Black of Burn County
13. Step f/Sarah Ross
14. Full Throttle (Remix) f/Colt Ford
16. Outback (Extended) f/Durwood Black of Burn County, Redneck Souljers, D. Thrash of Jawga Boyz, Demun Jones, Bubba Sparxxx, Lenny Cooper, Jeff McCool of Moccasin Creek & The LACS

ALSO they just kicked off their tour “Rebels on the Run Tour Part 2,” I am so serious that you need to see these guys in concert!
May 7 – Columbus, GA
May 9 – Homosassa, FL
May 15 – Winston Salem, NC
May 16 – Gastonia, NC
May 21 – Houston, TX
May 22 – Dallas, TX
May 23 – Jacksonville, TN
May 27 – Amboy, IL
May 28 – Springfield, IL
May 29 – Clarksville, TN
May 30 – Corinth, MS
June 18 – Ozark, AR
*May 6 – Greenville, SC
May 8 – Savannah, GA
May 14 – Murfreesboro, TN
May 24 – Wichita Falls, TX
*June 6 – Hanahan, SC
*June 13 – Chase City, VA
*Not Part of “Rebels On The Run Tour Part 2”

About Moonshine Bandits:
The Moonshine Bandits are signed to BackRoad Records, a division of Average Joes Entertainment. Since the release of their genre-blending album, “Whiskey & Women,” the California-based band have taken the world of outlaw music by storm. The group’s blue-collar work ethic and unwavering persistence has led to over 10 million views on the ShinerTV YouTube channel – collectively over 15 million views on YouTube – while their video for “My Kind of Country” peaked at #1 on CMT Pure.  Connecting with fans on all levels,Moonshine Bandits have built a solid “Shiner Nation” of loyal fans, developed their own brand of Shiner Barbeque Seasoning, Beef Jerky and legal Moonshine (sold up and down the west coast). They also host “Shinerfest” an annual outdoor festival in Central California.
About Crucifix:
Born in Atlanta, GA, raised in Central and East Africa, Crucifix spent much of his early childhood bouncing from continent to continent soaking in a wide influence of music and culture. A multi-talented Rapper, writer, and artist, Crucifix, has been grinding it out in the hip-hop scene since the release of his controversial double-disc debut, “My Life’s Prayer,” under the alias BabyBlue.  In 2009 his life story was published in the book “Your Own Jesus” by Mark Hall, of the multi-platinum, Grammy, Dove and American Music Award-winning group, Casting Crowns.  In 2010, he released his follow-up sophomore album, “Cruce Signati,” as well as teaming up with Southern hip-hop legend, Sean Paul, of Youngbloodz forming the group Slumdogz.  In 2011 his music appeared in VH1’s “The T.O. Show” and has been touring the country performing for rabid fans everywhere. HIs most current album, “Acid Reign,” features Bubba Sparxxx, Nappy Roots, Sean P of Young loodz and Big Rube of Dungeon Family.

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