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Morgan Myles is a Pennsylvania native, now living in Nashville. Her music is a unique fusion of country and soul and is showcased on her brand new, 6-song EP, Miss Morgan Myles, which will be released on January 8. I recently caught up with her and she dished on some behind the scenes information on her new music, and her thoughts on country music as a whole!

Miss Morgan Myles is a southern inspired title. She explains how she chose her new EP:

“I have been a nanny for almost a decade now, struggling to make it. Being a nanny has been such a blessing for me. I’m the guardian of two kids who lost their mom to ALS three years ago, and the kids call me Miss Morgan. I took care of them AND their mom, and the mom convinced me to never stop following my dreams. I think the idea of my EP takes on many different facets, but it really represents women. As women, we are multi-dimensional human beings. That’s why I chose the four pictures for the EP because we have so many different sides to us. I have been through heartbreak and hard times like everybody else and I want people to feel like they can relate to me through this EP.”

If you are interested in music videos, you can catch the music video for the first single “Whiskey Dreaming,” on CMT. Myles proves that unfortunate situations can create fantastic songwriting, as she divulged on how her catchy single came about:

“‘Whiskey Dreaming’ is the inspiration from a situation where I had this guy – who I had kind of been talking to – call me at 3am after I hadn’t heard from him for three days following a date. It felt messed up, and that was a big red flag for me. I sat down for a writing session, and I had the hook in my head already, just put it with the situation I was going through and it flowed!”

Myles has a heart of gold that is derived from struggles she has faced in life, but she reveals a new perspective because of her experiences:

“I finally feel confident in my own skin. I believe that you can either chase what’s already been done, or you can sit back and figure out who you are. Now, I am confident to admit when I’m empty and alone, or when I want to go out and have a drink with friends! I am so inspired by the woman whose kids I am a guardian over. She didn’t get to accomplish all of her dreams, but she wanted me to pursue mine. Because of her wisdom, I have a perspective of ‘what do I have to lose.'”

This outlook also transfers to her as a performer.

“People tell me when I sing live, that they believe every word that is coming out of my mouth. I think that happens because I try to connect with every song while performing and keep it genuine and authentic to myself.”

Myles still hasn’t found “the one” but she is hopeful that he is out there!

“I think my next single is going to be ‘Nobody Better Than You.’ It’s a song that portrays ‘you love me like a man should love a woman.’ It’s all the simple stuff, like how you feel completed as a woman. It’s inspired by my parents who are high school sweethearts, my sister who is engaged, and so many friends who have found their soulmates. I feel their amazing energy. I want that! So, I wrote a song that translates how I know I will feel when I can finally look at my soulmate. I will feel confident, and beautiful, just by the way he looks at me. I know that feeling of completion includes respect, confidence, and deep love. There are all types of love out there, but the real, honest completion of soulmates is what I think everybody wants!”

In closing thoughts, I always like to pick an artist’s brain about their thoughts or favorite things about country music. Myles replied with an answer that took me by surprise, in a great way!

“With country music, it’s so different than other genres like pop and R&B – especially with females – because artists are represented more like altar-egos in those genres. In country music, people want to be your friend, they want to be like you just as you are, and they respect you. There needs to be more of that, period, for good examples! With me being a nanny, I have an 11-year-old little girl to think about. Who is she looking up to? It’s safe to say that most country music artists are able to be positive role models while staying true to who they are and I really like that.”

She concluded:

“What I like about country music is that it’s based on faith, family, a positive view of our country, and supporting one another. One of the coolest things about the south is that everybody wants to help one another. I just really appreciate that.”

Her EP, Miss Morgan Myles, radiates this belief through her fervent songwriting and delivery of each track.

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Morgan Myles

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