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Country Music has been in my blood from a very young age. From singing karaoke at the VFW in Illinois when I was seven to seeing legends play Billy Bob’s in Ft. Worth, Texas country music has always had an impact in my life. There are seven artists that have stood out amongst the rest that have driven my passion to work in country music, though I may not have a voice like a country music god my love for it is deep.


How could I get over failed relationship attempts without thinking about “Earl”

And him singing to me about “Mountain Music”

I’d sit back and think about how “You Look So Good In Love” that sometimes I wish you still wanted me

Then “Tonight I Want To Cry” and maybe unfold some yellow lost love letters

After that I’d think about “What Mattered Most”

Then thoughts of you cheating would make the “Thunder Roll” back in

that’s when my worries faded when I found the one and how he wanted me to “Shake it” for him

It’s funny how artists have a way of releasing songs that can be pieced together to create a story. A story not only you and I can relate to but also the millions of people around you. That’s the magical thing about country music it is LIFE.

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