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Growing up in Kentucky, it was always assumed that Nate Green would go into the family business of funerals. However, the rising country star had other ideas and packed his bags for Nashville shortly after high school. Once he arrived, he began making connections, writing music and playing shows, but quickly ran into a problem. “I was falling into what a lot of other artists were doing in town,” says Green. “We all kind of sounded the same, so I had to branch out and find what my style was and what I wanted to do.”

To find his style, he decided to branch out beyond the Nashville city limits, spending time in Miami, New York, Los Angeles and various countries in Europe. While abroad, he immersed himself in learning about music, instrumentation and culture to find his own unique brand of country music. With a bevy of unique experiences under his belt, he headed back to Nashville to hone his new sound, which he describes as “really kind of unpredictable.”

“I feel like country music is really moreso a feeling than a sound,” says Green of his music. “Even the artists nowadays, they all have different sounds, but are country. Mine is very beat-driven, very instrument driven. We use different instruments and put them over different things. It’s very inventive and things you wouldn’t necessarily put together, like a fiddle and a beat.”

Green describes Keith Urban as one of his biggest influences, namely for his ability to push the envelope.”I’d say that Keith Urban was really kind of a trailblazer when he started,” Green says. “He pushed the envelope and really started using electric guitars and being really edgy.” Beyond Australia, his other main influences came from California. “I really looked at a lot of the Bakersfield movement from a couple of decades ago, just how they really challenged country sounds.”

In addition to Urban, Green admires two of country music’s hottest groups for different reasons. When it comes to writers, he admires The Band Perry. “I think they have some really killer writing – It’s really traditional, but at the same time it’s edgy as hell.” Additionally, he lists a gig opening for Little Big Town as one of the highlights of his career thus far. “I think the Little Big Town show was my favorite, and it was my biggest to date. I just saw how humble they are and how creative they are,” Green says of the foursome. “This is their job, their business and their passion too.”

Green is an avid songwriter, admitting that he began writing songs, not because he necessarily wanted to, but because he had to. “It really kind of hits me like a ton of bricks,” he says. “That’s how I started writing in general. I just couldn’t ignore all this stuff, ya know? I just had to put it down on paper and in a song, a melody.” His inspiration usually comes from people, he says. “It typically comes from a certain person or a certain feeling, a certain want or regret. They [songs] typically start like that and then I’ll get a melody and it’ll unfold after that. That’s the fun part.”

Green recently released his first single, “Wild and Free,” an ode to being young and carefree. “I wrote it from such an honest standpoint. I didn’t really have a lot of stuff, I didn’t really have a lot of money or anything like that. It was kind of just going through life the way it should be,” Green says. “We’re wild and free, kinda living on love type of thing. And that was what’s important to me…so I wanted to just elaborate on that in a song.”

In addition to “Wild & Free,” Green has flexed his writing muscles on his second single, “Back Road,” which he describes as “one of the defining moments in my writing career.” For Green, it was that track about taking someone from the city and bringing them to the country that really opened his eyes as to how he could push the boundaries of country music. On the track, he experimented with sounds from “very country” to a dub step influenced chorus.

He is currently working on an EP that he admits may catch fans a bit off guard. “I think ‘Wild and Free’ was so inventive and that’s why I picked it to be the first single. It was so different and it was a good introduction to what I’m about to do,” Green says. “The EP has so many different sounds. The fast paced ones are fast and the slowed down ones are really stripped. It’s a good introduction to my style.”

In addition to working on his EP, Green also spends a lot of his time interacting with his loyal fan base who call themselves the “Wild Things.” Green is a huge fan of social media and fans can rest assured that it’s really him answering the tweets and messages. “I think the thing that a lot of artists miss is that interaction and that’s kind of what catapulted this,” he admits. “No one is running my social media but me…that interaction is cool. I like it that way because it’s kind of like a family and we’re all building it together.” Green says that if he’d have to delete all social media, but one channel, he’d only keep his Instagram account. Since that ultimatum doesn’t exist, he’s dedicated to interacting with each and every fan. “If anyone takes the time to reach out to me out of their entire day, I couldn’t imagine not reaching back,” he says. “I love to do Twitter takeovers and talk to everyone and blow up their timelines.”

As Nate Green’s star continues to rise, he’s sure to be littered with accolades like one he recently received from Teen, being named “One of the Hottest Guys You’ve Ever Seen In Country Music.” “My mom thought it was cool,” he jokes of that honor. “It’s nice to get acknowledged in any way at this point. I’m kind of just emerging as a new artist so it’s really cool that the took the time to acknowledge that. It’s all in good fun, I appreciate it.”

As Green prepares for the release on his next single and his EP, he just wants people to know that everything comes from his heart. “I’m really doing all of this,” he says. “Everything I’m writing, all the sounds, it’s all me. It’s not some music industry-type thing so that’s the genuine aspect of this launch…It’s all coming from me.”

More than anything, Nate Green is extremely passionate about, and thankful for his devoted fans. “I really want to thank the Wild Things who are just crazy and keep this going. It really is awesome just because the music is getting ready to come out,” he says. it makes me feel blessed and just kind of comforted that it’s going to be a really cool ride.”

Watch Nate Green’s Debut Music Video for “Wild and Free”!

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  1. You left out the fact that “Nate Green” used to be Josey Greenwell, a well known, out-and-proud country singer who was also all over social media then disappeared and returned as “heterosexual” Nate Green, in order to pander to fangirls. He’s essentially put on “straightface” and turned his back on the LGBT community, going as far as threatening to sue people who bring up the fact that “Nate Green” was once very well know, gay, and “proud” Josey Greenwell.

    THAT’S the real story and a quick google search would have illuminated that fact…on the first page of results.

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