[email protected] To Release Debut EP #RoadMap in 2015

A few months ago, Country Music #CMchat had the opportunity to chat with hot country newcomer, Nate Green, who spilled some details about his highly-anticipated EP. Today, the singer-songwriter revealed even more information about the forthcoming project, to be released January 13th and now available for pre-sale. The EP, entitled Road Map, will feature Green’s new single “Back Road,” also available today, as well as his breakthrough track “Wild & Free.”

The EP will feature seven unique tracks, each penned by Green. “When I set out on my travels to complete this EP, I really just wanted to take in as much music as I possibly could and immerse myself in each culture,” says Green. “I learned so much about music and got a whole new perspective on what it means to ‘be an artist,’ and I’m so thankful that I got to have that experience while I was writing the new music.”

Speaking to #CMchat, he says, “I think ‘Wild and Free’ was so inventive and that’s why I picked it to be the first single. It was so different and it was a good introduction to what I’m about to do. The EP has so many different sounds. The fast paced ones are fast and the slowed down ones are really stripped. It’s a good introduction to my style.”

Road Map Track Listing:
1. Ride
2. Back Road
3. Wake Up In Manhattan
4. No Fool
5. Line Of Fire
6. Wild And Free
7. Love Again

Watch Nate Green’s Music Video for “Wild & Free” here!

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  1. Once again you leave out the fact that “Nate Green” used to be Josey Greenwell, a well known, out-and-proud country singer who was also all over social media then disappeared and returned as “heterosexual” Nate Green, in order to pander to fangirls. He’s essentially put on “straightface” and turned his back on the LGBT community, going as far as threatening to sue people who bring up the fact that “Nate Green” was once very well known, gay, and “proud” Josey Greenwell.

    THAT’S the real story and a quick google search would have illuminated that fact…on the first page of results.

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