New Music: @JakeOwen “Beachin”

Jake Owen has released his second single from his Days of Gold album titled, “Beachin“. I have to say that I absolutely love the song. Now I’m no music marketing guru or anything, but is anyone else wondering why they (the label) would release a summertime feel good song in the middle of winter? I know I am.

The song makes you feel like wanting to be at the beach (or even just outside in the warm weather) just chillin’ and drinkin’ a cold one, either with your significant other or a group of friends. But because we’re currently in the winter season months, most listeners can’t and won’t experience the true impact of what this track can or should offer its listener. I feel like this song will still do well for Jake, but I also feel like this song would do SO much better (selling wise) if it were released, say, towards the end of spring/early summer (just like how “Pontoon” by Little Big Town was — and we remember how big of a hit that was for the country group).

When it actually comes time to enjoy the lines described in Owen’s song later this coming summer, and I reach for music to play when I’m hanging out with my buddies, I’m going to pick the songs that are fun and fresh in my mind. “Beachin”, by then, could be nothing but a distant memory.

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