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Kevin Fowler might be a new name for you but he’s been tearing it up in Texas since the early 90’s and I think y’all need to used to hearing his name.  In his seventh studio album and first for Kevin Fowler Records (a joint venture with Nashville’s Thirty Tigers) “How Country Are Ya?” the singer-songwriter took a couple of years to “take stock of his artistic career, launch his own record label, then write and record the old-fashioned way”.

Kevin’s ‘declaration of independence gives us “How Country Are Ya?” a good-timing, tradition-steeped and honky-tonk-stomping Amarillo native’s return to basics effort. A year in the making, the album features 15 fresh tunes (he wrote all of them except for the raucous instrumental “Mousturdonus“) and was produced by Ken Tondre, Fowler’s drummer, at Tondre’s The Compound Recording Studio in Austin.

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Watch the official music video for Kevin’s new single, “Love Song” from the new album, “How Country Are Ya?,” in stores March 4 but you can pre-order on itunes NOW and get two songs instantly!


how country are ya kevin fowler

Kevin Fowler How Country Are Ya? Track Listing

1)    Intro (feat. Earl Dibbles Jr.)

2)    How Country Are Ya?

3)    Guitars and Guns

4)    Before Somebody Gets Hurt

5)    The Weekend

6)    If I Could Make A Livin’ Drinkin’

7)    Panhandle Poorboy

8)    Borracho Grande

9)    Love Song

10)  Habit I Can’t Break

11)  The Girls I Go With

12)  Beer Me

13)  Mousturdonus

14)  Whiskey and I

15)  Chicken Wing


With six studio albums, a compilation album and a live album already under his belt, Amarillo-born KevinFowler continues to seamlessly deliver his fun-loving and energetic brand of country music to scores of fans around the country. He has garnered 18 Top 5 singles, 10 of which have hit #1 at Texas radio, creating unparalleled staying power in the Texas/Red Dirt music scene. Generating one of the highest percentages of engagement among all country music artists, Fowler’s 360,000+ social media network of fans is just another trademark of his multi-faceted career.  Staying true to his road-warrior reputation, Fowler has plans to bring his impactful live show to numerous regions throughout the country well into 2014 in support of the brand new album.

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