3 New Years’ Resolutions for Country Music Fans

2013 is in the history books and you’ve made, or are making resolutions for 2014. But aside from that gym membership we swear is going to happen this time, what should country fans promise to do in the New Year? Here are three suggestions:

Resolve to be more positive about country music.
We get it. You weren’t a fan of “bro-country” or “pop-country.” But are you putting at least as much energy into telling people about what you do like? Spend more time promoting what you love about the genre instead of just bashing what you hate. And remember, what sucked for you was awesome to others and we want to have a diversity of fans in the county community. Let’s not be negative and divisive all the time. We’ve got politics for that.

Resolve to support your local music scene.
There’s a lot of talent right in your backyard. Do some searching on the web for the artists in your area, buy their music, follow their social media pages, and go see their shows when you can. And get the word of mouth going about your favorites. Be a voice for the folks at home trying to get to Music Row.

Resolve to make five people new fans.
You know you’ve got that those friends or co-workers that when you bring up country they say “No way! Can’t stand it,” or that relative who makes it known on Facebook that they like “all kinds of music except country.” It’s time to find a way to reel ‘em in. Find that one catchy song and sneak it into their playlist. Watch them react in joyful shock when they realize they like a country tune. And it won’t be the last one.

Make it a point to do these three things and 2014 will be an awesome year to be a country fan. What else should we resolve to do?

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