[email protected] Punter Kicked in the Face on #NFLSunday

So what happens in the NFL if you knock down a punter with a flying kick to the head? Just a measly 15-yard penalty is all. A lot of football fans around the nation think it was intentional and that Pittsburgh Steelers’ wide receiver Antonio Brown should be suspended for taking Cleveland Browns punter Spencer Lanning to the ground with the almost-pro wrestling style boot to the face maneuver on Sunday (September 7th).

Brown says it was only an accident and that he was simply trying to hurdle over him: “No intent to hurt him. I had my mind made up that he was going over me. I thought he was going low and I tried to leap over him. It was just a bad outcome of a play.”

That could be true. Football is a fast paced sport, often leaving players with having to make split second decisions. But how does the punter who got punted feel? Well, it appears there are no hard feelings from Lanning as he tweeted this after the game:

Lanning would ultimately walk away from Brown’s finishing move, but to make matters worse and add salt to the wound that is Lanning’s face, the Steelers went on to win 30-27. Check out the video of the big blow below:

Follow me on Twitter and tell me what you think of Antonio Brown laying the smack down on Spencer Lanning at @tylerwinters_. Do you think Brown should be penalized by the NFL for this or do you think this was just an incidental part of the game?

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