Country Music Newcomer @TheNyaJade Releases #LovedayEP

We previously reported on Nya Jade, a country music newcomer who has made it no secret that she is a fan of Blake Shelton and his music. Introducing herself to the genre with an ode to the successful singing funny man, Nya made an impact on our readers, eliciting quite a response regarding her talent.

Now, Nya has released her debut country EP, Loveday, a four track offering which she is hopeful will help her round up the troops and make her name a well-recognized one within the genre. The lead track, “Blake Shelton,” sets the stage for an offering about relationships, employing pure country instrumentation, occasionally bordering on a folk sound.

“Without You” was introduced to fans by Nya via Facebook and YouTube only one week ago, garnering nearly 15,000 views and overall positive responses. The track, appropriately titled, discusses life without the one you love, observing the fact that, while the days go on, there is a distinct void. The slowest of the tracks, Nya shows off her vocal range, relying on her deep and sultry sound, yet indicating a confidence in the higher notes.

The third track on the EP, “First Kiss,” likewise reminisces about a person of the past, however, this time taking the more contented route. Proving that not all relationships that come to an end have to do so on a sour note and can leave behind positive memories, “First Kiss” explores lost love that rekindles into lasting love.

Lastly, “Empty Picture Frames,” a song that seamlessly fits with “First Kiss,” as it discusses a young relationship that fizzled. However, this story doesn’t end quite as happily. Though the couple experienced an amazingly sweet kind of love, their lives pulled them in opposite directions, causing them to part ways and leaving her behind with emptiness in the form of beer bottles and picture frames.

Nya Jade illustrates, through her new EP, Loveday, that she is a fan of country music — especially honoring the classic sounds, as well as bluegrass, folk, and other like alternatives of the genre. Taking her fandom and love for country music and coupling it with her talent (talent which has previously resulted in critical acclaim for her refreshing blends of rock, soul, and pop elements), Nya releases a project that any true blue country fan would enjoy.

Listen to Nya Jade’s “Blake Shelton”

Nya Jade

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