Old 97’s Try To Get ‘Good With God’ On New Single

Tom Petty once sang, “The waiting is the hardest part.” He was right. Especially considering the exciting news last week that legendary Texas alt-country rockers the Old 97’s will be releasing their 11th album Graveyard Whistling on February 24, 2017. Thankfully, they aren’t leaving us fans hanging as they gave of us a taste of what’s to come with the album’s first single “Good With God” which features guest vocals by the otherworldly Brandi Carlile in the part she was born to play…God.

“Good With God” is a bold, hard-driving and impeccably honest song with killer harmonies…just like Olds fans have come to expect. Unapologetically, singer and guitar slinger Rhett Miller urgently delivers lines in this rollicking, yet ominous song about having no regrets about the things he’s done, good or bad. “I’ve got a soul that’s good and flawed. I’m good with God.”

As the verses speed like a locomotive running out of control into the chorus, Miller punctuates his case in the chorus singing “I’m good with God, I wonder how she feels about me.”

Well Rhett, God is pissed.

Carlile devilishly delivers a response to our unrepentant hero in the next verse and she’s definitely not a benevolent God (think Old Testament). She foresees pain and suffering for his life of sin. Oh yeah, and since she’s God, she can make it happen. Sorry dude, you’re going down.

After the next chorus, Miller, now humbled by this feminine deity, laments “Is it too late to sell my soul, where do the busted angels go?” In true Old 97’s fashion, there’s no answer, leaving the listener to only speculate the fate of this now desperate soul.

With “Good With God” the Old 97’s have once again struck sonic gold. It kills me to wait two months to hear the rest of the album, but I have faith that it will be among the best of 2017.

Author: Scott Colvin

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