[email protected] Teaches a Valuable Lesson in New Music Video #BadDayGood #PayItForward (Watch!)

Mark and Jay O’Shea, a musical married couple that is signed to Sony Music Australia and has experienced amazing success down under, is making a worldwide impact with the release of their latest music video for their single “Bad Day Good.” The track, which features Grammy Award winner Steve Wariner, teaches a simple, yet often forgotten, and valuable lesson to those who take the time to absorb the message.

“Bad Day Good” expressly eliminates the glitz and glamour that is typically focused on when creating a music video to promote a single and shifts the focal point elsewhere — to using the money that goes into fancy productions to make others’ days brighter. While the premise of the song is how a significant other can turn your bad day good, the message throughout is that people have the power to help each other wade through the dark and deep and come out the other side anew.

The chorus celebrates the effect somebody can have on another:

When I’m done and I’ve had enough, yeah and I’m thinking about giving up, I just close my eyes and I’m right back there lying next to you. And the world just falls away and everything feels like it’s okay, you make me feel like no one else could. You make, you make, you make a bad day good.

The O’Sheas took their music video budget and allotted it to a special and selfless venture — taking time to pay it forward to people, as well as animals. The duo was captured doing things ranging from paying for someone’s laundry or movie popcorn to dropping dog food off at the Nashville Humane Society and leaving a $100.00 tip on a less than $5.00 bill. Also joining in the movement is Grammy Award winner Steve Wariner who can be seem strumming his guitar on the street and later handing over all of his earned tips to a struggling musician who is doing the same.

With an ending to the video that will not only cause your eyes to well, but will make you want to be the person to turn someone’s bad day good, the O’Sheas truly capture the spirit — not only of the holidays, but of the human race. Country Music #CMchat commends Mark and Jay O’Shea (and Steve Wariner) on their spectacular showing of what it means to be stellar individuals, and challenges all of YOU to make someone’s #BadDayGood.

Join the movement today with a simple act of kindness and tweet to us @CMchatLIVE using #CMchat #BadDayGood. Let’s, together, as a country music community, follow suit and make the difference.

O'Shea Bad Day Good

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