Guess Which Pop Princesses Will Be Taking the Stage at the #CMAawards…

According to Ryan Seacrest (which is basically like hearing it from the President) Ariana Grande will be joining Little Big Town on stage at the CMA’s in November. Additionally, Meghan Trainor will be all about the bass (pronounced b-ass, since this is country music), as she will be sharing the stage with Miranda Lambert. I wouldn’t have guessed this in a million years but after you think about it makes sense.

I mean Ariana Grande’s manager is Scooter Braun, who also has his hands in the Dan + Shay mix. And Dan + Shay are in the Sandbox management crowd, who is also the manager of Little Big Town. Whew, you follow that? Talk about a game of seven degrees of separation.

And considering Scott Borchetta is now getting a piece of the Pop music pie, it doesn’t surprise me that Scotter Braun might be hungry for a little slice of the Country music pie and is testing the waters. No matter the reason, I am extremely anxious to hear the details of this performance as it unfolds. Ariana is a heck of a vocalist and well…Little Big Town is Little Big Town. ‘Nuff Said.

As far as Meghan and Miranda, well, are there two more bad bass’ier blondes to be bringing the house down at the awards? And, as of late, Meghan is no stranger to country music…remember, she was recently spotted on the arm of Brett Eldredge.

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  1. Calling Miranda super twiggy Nicole Piering is wrong. Have ya seen her in person. She is healthier but she still has curves (size 6 instead of 8). She went down a size stop the presses. Taylor/Carrie (size zero) would be comical. God forbid she lost some of the weight she gained after getting married and now EVERYONE has to talk about it. It has been a freaking YEAR already can we move on at least in the country forums!! God it is hard to be a female artist today with so many judging you every move.

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