A Dozen Reasons to Own @RacheleLynae’s Debut Album

Tomorrow, April 22nd, marks the day Rachele Lynae has been eagerly anticipating, as her self-titled debut full-length album will be released. Tomorrow, April 22nd, Rachele’s life will change forever because the talent that we have recognized for quite some time will be made apparent to all country music fans alike — and we cannot wait!

Rachele’s debut offering features twelve tracks, each of which was co-written by the talented artist and will leave listeners wondering where she has been all of their country music lovin’ lives. To say that Rachele possesses the gift of incredible range would be an understatement. Not only can this artist slide up and down the scale seamlessly and effortlessly, but she just as easily gambols from pop to country to country pop without ever compromising the integrity of her art and the message she wishes to relay.

Rachele’s first single off this album, “Touch the Stars,” kicks the album off with a bang, straddling the line between country and pop in the most intricate of ways. The track exudes a catchy pop sound, yet features lyrics that only a country girl would utter. This song is not only a standout because of its versatility and cleverly crafted melody, but because it immediately introduces a vocal powerhouse that leaves listeners wondering what is ahead. And if what a listener is looking for is a female artist who can come out the gate on the first song and only progress from there, he/she needn’t look any further. From one track to the next, it is instantly identifiable just how broad Rachele’s range is and, right from the segue between the first song and the next, it is impossible not to listen further.

With songs like “Words in Red,” “Party ‘Til the Cows Come Home,” and “Clean,” Rachele hones in on a more pure country sound, conquering the honesty, playfulness, and relatability that country fans expect in their music. Rachele’s album also contains a staple girls’ night out song, entitled “Out on the Floor.” The track encapsulates the mindset of girls on the town, swinging on the dance floor, and doing a little bit of flirting with an obvious admirer. This is the perfect song for a little pre-game fun with the ladies, a car ride to the bar, or a carefree drive home after a night of responsible drinking and dancing.

Undeniable highlights on the album include ballads “Sometimes You Fly” and “Done Is Done.” With “Sometimes You Fly,” it is easy for a listener to feel as though he/she was just transported from fan to friend. Rachele lays it all on the line, allows herself to be completely vulnerable, and, as the lyrics suggest, simply lets go. “Done Is Done” is an emotionally raw piece of art that wrenches the heart, touches the soul, and is pure magic to the eardrums. These two breathtakingly gorgeous tracks will sell this album themselves and make the purchase worth every cent.

Another highlight on the album is the powerful duet “Two For One Special” that features chart-topper Jamie O’Neal, who also shares writing credits on the track. In true country music fashion, the song explores the two-timing double life of a no good, dirty cheater. Rachele and Jamie pack the one-two punch as they put the guy who has done them both wrong in his place and seek some good ole fashion revenge. “Two For One Special” is the perfect pick-me-up song of female empowerment to recover from the emotional roller coaster that is its predecessor on the album (“Done Is Done”).

There are a dozen reasons that Rachele Lynae is a must-have on any country music playlist, and those don’t even include the spectacular, jaw-dropping vocals that exist from beginning to end. Each of the twelve tracks on Rachele’s debut full-length album will introduce listeners to this artist on a personal and professional level, and rest assure, this is a relationship they will want to maintain for the long run. It is clear from what we have seen of Rachele Lynae thus far that this is just the start of a successful career in country music, and this album can best be defined as a stepping stone to stardom.

rachele lynae self titled album

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