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She set her microphone down on the stage and joined the other members of the singing trio for a much needed break during sound check. What happened next was unexpected and perhaps the start of something special. Her 2 year old granddaughter, Rachele, walked up to the stage, picked up the microphone and began singing.

Early Days

Rachele Lynae (CMchat One To Watch in 2014) was quite literally singing since she uttered her first word. She began singing in church at 5 years old but by the age of 10 she was getting nervous. There was a nagging reminder that Leanne Rimes recorded her album at 13 years old so Rachele felt behind and started putting pressure on her dad. She always knew she wanted to sing country music. She was simply drawn to it. She moved to Nashville to attend Belmont and released a 5 song EP before she even graduated.

Created Own Destiny

Rachele created her own destiny. She worked hard….really hard. She started playing regularly at honky-tonks along Broadway. She took industry friends to coffee to pick their brain, ask them who they knew, and talk about her goals. One of those coffee dates happened to be with Jimmy Murphy who made an introduction that would forever change Rachele’s career. Jamie O’Neal was the first person she connected with as a songwriter and in the early days she waited in long lines for a meet and greet with the legend. Now, she found herself invited to her home. Rachele figured she would go all out for the first meeting and showed up at Jamie’s door with guitar in hand. The pair hit it off and when Jamie began her new venture, Momentum Label Group, Rachele Lynae would be the flagship artist.

Singing and Songwriting

Rachele has personally touched all 12 songs on her upcoming album. She isn’t opposed to recording someone else’s music but it has to beat out her own songs and have the same connection to her…not an easy feat. Words and music often come together for her but if she has a melody first it tends to give the song more emotion.

The ideas for songs come from all everywhere. It can be a conversation with a friend, a coffee shop, a sign. The strangest place she drew inspiration for a song was from a flat tire. “Flat” isn’t about the tire incident but the idea spawned initially from that experience. Her most meaningful song is called “Clean”. Its about coming home and having a fresh start that takes you from childhood to a spiritual place. Its about getting you grounded again, back to your roots.

Random Facts

Rachele said the person she would like to duet with more than anyone is Randy Houser.

The song she relates to the most that was written/recorded by someone else is “House That Built Me”

She’s a girly girl (with GREAT jewelry I will personally add) but can be a tomboy at times. She grew up in Alaska and used to pick fish out of nets.

Rachele Lynae possesses a sweet but sassy charisma. Her sound is a blend of soulful, bluesy and rock and she has a unique way to connect with any audience. Her message is one of empowerment. She wants people to know that its ok to go through low times but know you will rise up. Sometimes you have to cut loose and dance and not worry what other people think. Its ok to be your authentic self, its the only real way to touch the stars.

Rachele joins us for a #CMchat Twitterview on 4/21!

Watch the sample above and let us know what you think of Rachele’s new song! If you like what you hear, be sure to head over to iTunes and purchase the single.

rachele lynae touch the stars


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