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Momentum Label Group recording artist Rachele Lynae released her debut full-length album last year. With mentorship by one of the best voices in country music, Jamie O’Neal, Rachele’s first offering included a collection of musical snacks, introducing this vocalist to the industry and making her talents well-known by all.

Rachele experienced early success with her lead single off her album, “Touch the Stars,” and was given a taste of what a career in country music feels like for a young, female artist who is ready to show what she has to offer to an open-armed industry. Though no other cuts from Rachele Lynae made their way to radio, that didn’t slow this up and comer down. In fact, quite the opposite. She headed right back into the studio, ready, willing, and able to follow her debut with something that would prove her staying power in country music.

The product of her musical endurance is “Whole Lotta Nothin’,” a song that will impact country music radio on January 19, 2015 with the support of Momentum and in2une Music Nashville. The track was co-written by Rachele, along with Hannah Bethel and David Myhre, and was inspired as the three good friends were reflecting on how their lives seemingly go “a million miles an hour” most of the time without stopping to take much needed breaks.

“Whole Lotta Nothin'” has an islandish sound that transports listeners to a beach someplace, painting the picture of kicking your shoes off, kicking up your feet, and kicking back a refreshing drink, all while kicking reality to the curb for just a few days and kicking it with someone special. The lyrics of the chorus celebrate taking a moment away from life and finding clarity:

I ain’t just gonna wai-wait around in a town that’s just gonna weigh weigh me down, got real big plans of not doing a thing. Oh, I just gotta get get away, so come on baby, what do you say? Let’s watch the palm trees sway, can’t you see it? Ooh, don’t you wanna feel it too? Won’t stop till we see blue. Baby, just me and you, and a whole lotta nothin’ to do.

In all of her music, Rachele has the innate ability of a true artist to memorialize every moment about which she sings with her emotion, spectacular vocals, and candid descriptions of whatever scenario is the subject of the song. That is no different in “Whole Lotta Nothin'” where a listener can easily close his or her eyes and take a three and a half minute vacation to escape reality.

“Whole Lotta Nothin'” is currently being featured as “New and Noteworthy” on iTunes and will make its debut on Sirius XM’s The Highway in the coming weeks.

Listen to Rachele Lynae’s “Whole Lotta Nothin'”

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