[email protected] Releases “God Made Girls” Video (Watch!)

We previously reviewed RaeLynn’s debut single “God Made Girls,” explaining that the track is simultaneously sweet and sassy, as it lets boys know the importance of girls in their lives. RaeLynn has now followed up the release of her single with a complementary music video that borders more on the sweet than sassy side of the message in the song.

In the music video, a young girl sits in front of a mirror to find RaeLynn’s reflection. As the two emulate each others’ movements and RaeLynn sings the lyrics of her song, scenes of RaeLynn and other girls flash before us, showing distinct visions of beauty. Whether it is a girl doing ballet, riding a horse, enjoying the outdoors, witnessing magic, or RaeLynn in an ever-evolving wardrobe of gorgeous dresses, the video shows that girls offer a special grace and allure that cannot be duplicated by their counterparts.

The video exudes a fairytale’esque theme, maintaining RaeLynn’s image of youth, purity, and innocence, especially indicated by the clothing and scenery. Whether it is a staircase crafted of stone, reminiscent of medieval times or dresses made with corsets, there is a distinct feel that RaeLynn has transported herself into a world of royalty. The lyrics to the track are performed in a variety of locations, each a different kind of breathtaking than its predecessor, and each fit for a girl sent from above.

Watch RaeLynn’s music video for “God Made Girls” here:

Watch RaeLynn’s recent “Princess Pad” Google Hangout, where she debuted the music video here:

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