[email protected] Releases Debut Single “God Made Girls” (Listen!)

Former The Voice contestant and Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert protege, RaeLynn, recently released her first single to country music radio. “God Made Girls” was sent to radio adds on June 30th and has made quite the impact, having been added to playlists by countless country music stations nationwide.

An age appropriate track for RaeLynn, “God Made Girls” pays homage to everything that is unique to being a female. Albeit slow in tempo, the song is powerful in its message and sassy in its delivery. The song drips with girl power, embracing the qualities possessed by girls, explaining that God intended to rock boys’ worlds by creating their counterparts. Throughout the song, RaeLynn owns the fact that girls are undeniably walking contradictions, but insists they are also worth every bump along the way.

In the first verse, RaeLynn defines girls as “something soft and loud and sweet and proud, but tough enough to break a heart. Something beautiful and breakable that lights up in the dark.” The chorus explains:

So God made girls. God made girls. He stood back and told the boys, “I’m ’bout to rock your world.” Then God made girls (for singing in your front seat). God made girls (for dancing to their own beat). He stood back and told the boys, “I’m ’bout to rock your world.” Then God made girls.

Boys, take note. As much as we give you grief (as RaeLynn points out, girls also serve the purpose of making boys get dressed up, giving them a reason to wash the truck, waking boys up, and calling them bluff), your lives would be incomplete without us. Ladies, play this song for your significant others and remind them how much they love you; flaws and all.

Watch a live performance of RaeLynn’s “God Made Girls” below and keep an ear out for her debut single on your local radio station.

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