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First, RaeLynn sang to us in her RIAA Gold-certified single “God Made Girls” about why girls were brought here; now, she is singing to us about a certain kind of unique guy in her new song “For a Boy.”

In a surprising twist, rather than releasing a song off her debut EP, Me EP, RaeLynn introduces a brand new song to country music fans, “For a Boy,” and announces its March 9th release to iTunes and March 23rd addition to radio. The track has been performed at several shows, winning the affection of fans, and stations are already boasting about the potential of the song, even pinning it against more seasoned artists in head-to-head battles.

“For a Boy” was originally presented to fans acoustically, seeming to be a ballad, but ultimately straying from that format and becoming an upbeat offering about a special guy who isn’t afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve and come clean about his emotions. RaeLynn explained at a recent St. Jude benefit show that the song was inspired by a conversation she had with a good friend who laid his feelings on the table, making himself completely vulnerable to her at the time. When she shared the experience with her mom later that evening, she realized she was writing a song as she spoke.

The lyrics, in part, go:

For a boy, you’re good at saying sorry. For a boy, I sure can feel your heart, it’s like a freight train comin’ at me, I’m across the booth, on the edge of my seat. You don’t make me wait, you say what you came to say. Go on get it out boy, say I’m the only one that makes you this crazy. Come on tell me how boy, how I’m the only thing you’re thinkin’ ’bout lately. What ya don’t know, what ya don’t know is what a girl like me would do for you.

If you weren’t exposed to who RaeLynn was on her extremely expressive debut EP, “For a Boy” is another glimpse into her heart, soul, and mind. Watch a performance of the stripped down version of her new track below.

Listen to the acoustic version of RaeLynn’s “For a Boy”


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