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We previously raved about Randy Houser’s new single “Like a Cowboy” in a review of the emotionally driven track about a rodeo man trying to balance the love for his career and the love for a woman. We will now rave about the song’s corresponding music video.

The full-length video takes Randy’s fans back to the Old West, where Randy portrays a cowboy who doesn’t have time for a drink in the saloon with the fellas because he has “somewhere else to be.” After a short film-like introduction, the song begins and the lyrics that can immediately capture a listener’s heart are heard: “Every time I fall, I get back up again.”

Randy is seen galloping off into the mountainous sunset on his horse, as the scene shifts to a woman doing housework at a ranch. As Randy enters the property, his love takes notice of her cowboy and, in obvious surprise (considering the time in which this video is set far proceeds the era of cell phones and text messages), she breaks into a huge grin and runs toward him. The two share a romantic night together, but, when she wakes up, his side of the bed is empty and made.

As the lyrics go:

I’ll ride in on a sunny day, sing you a song, steal your heart away, like a cowboy. Hang my hat like I’m here for a while, kick off my boots and drive you wild, like a cowboy. Well baby you know I can’t stay long, you wake up, I’ll be gone. Until then I’ll hold on, like a cowboy.

The performance portion of this video is artistically fitting, as Randy, dressed dapperly in black and white against a white background, is completely alone, similar to the character he depicts in this song. During times when the cowboy is out doing his job, he is seen alone, steering cattle while he is sitting atop a horse, or is curled up by himself in front of a fire, looking unfulfilled. Both versions of Randy in the video demonstrate how alone he feels when he is doing the job he loves and is out “on the road.” In an art imitating life scenario, the lyrics and storyline of “Like a Cowboy” can be likened to the life of an artist who is out on tour and has to leave home and the woman he loves behind.

This particular video brings us back to a time when some country artists (as well as artists of other genres) were treating music videos like an art form of their own; creating short, noteworthy productions to showcase their creativity, lyricism, and the depths of their music, which extend far beyond a three-minute plus song on the radio. We applaud Randy for not only taking us back to the Old West, but for taking us back to a time when the music video was relied upon as an honored accompaniment to a song, deserving of its own accolades.

Watch Randy’s full-length “Like a Cowboy” video below and leave a comment to let the #CMchat Cadre know what you think of this nostalgic approach to music video creation and production. We would also love to hear what you think of this song, as it is one of our current favorites!

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  1. beautiful song and beautifully done video. NO jacked up trucks, tight blue jeans, ball caps and blue eyes–do they think only pretty girls have blue eyes!. So nice to see such a welcome change of pace.

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