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On Tuesday May 19th Randy Houser joined Hostess Jessica Northey and our Country Music community for a special, “‘We Went‘ to #Cmchat with Stoney Creek Records recording artist Randy Houser!

Randy recently experienced much deserved success with power ballad Like a Cowboy <—love this song. “We Went,” is the first offering from his upcoming 4th studio album due out this fall, and it’s gonna be a good’en.

“I don’t know how it happened, but everything in my life has started lining up,” says the Lake, Mississippi native. “I must have done somebody right in the past,” said Randy.

We’ll talked to Randy about what he’s been up to in 2015, new music, new engagement, his favorite music and found out what artists are on his playlist.

Q1 @RandyHouser If you were introducing someone to Country Music for 1st time, what artists would you suggest?

A1: Probably some of my heroes that helped shape the genre, like Willie Nelson and George Strait. A lot of today’s artists I’d share too, like Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley, Lee Brice.

Q2 @RandyHouser So what exactly do people do to celebrate September 5th in Mississippi? 

A2: Well somehow it became “Randy Houser Day” but I’m not exactly sure how or if people actually celebrate the day. My hope is they just relax and listen to some music #CMchat

Q3 @RandyHouser is there anything you CAN NOT live without? #CMchat via @Teeco71

A3: My son West, he is amazing, and fiancé Tatiana #CMchat

Q4 @RandyHouser What makes a song “country” in your opinion? #CMchat via @MsWillieLosito

A4 : There is definitely a country sound, but it starts with the song and the lyrics. #CMchat

Q5 @RandyHouser What is your favorite song to perform? #CMchat

A5: Like a Cowboy is my favorite song on my last record and to play live. #CMchat

Q6 @RandyHouser since you’ve met many music icons, who has been most surreal #CMchat via @NicolePiering

A6: I actually had the honor of touring with Willie Nelson a few years ago so I got to spend some time with him, but it’s still surreal being around such a legend #CMchat

Q7 @RandyHouser When and what can fans expect from your upcoming new album? #Cmchat via @CountryInAz

A7: It’s a natural next step from the last album. New territory explored but if you’re a fan of the last album then you should like this one. #CMchat

Q8 @RandyHouser How did it feel when @NashFM947 played #HowCountryFeels as 1st song when they started #NYC 2013? @destini1964

A8: It was an honor to be the first played song on the station but especially cool because it was the first country song played on a radio station in New York City in something like 17 years! #CMchat

Q9 @RandyHouser Tell us about your new song #WeWent in 2 words? #CMchat via @MsWillieLosito

A9: Fun and Fast. #CMchat

@RandyHouser What is the best way for people keep up with you?

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram but also check out House Band TV which shows us on the road and behind the scenes every other week #CMchat

Listen to Randy Houser We Went

When the song is available for purchase this will be live in the meantime check out Randy Houser’s itunes store!

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