The Rankin Twins

With a flood of sub genres collecting in mainstream country music, no matter what, it’s always nice to hear that contemporary country music sound that we are all so used to hearing every once in awhile. And getting this sound with a double dose of blonde beauty, personality and some super smooth harmonies, The Rankin Twins sure do go above and beyond.

The Rankin Twins, made up of Amy and April Rankin (“Number 1” and “Number 2” as they jokingly call themselves) have been at the country music scene for years. Having released a full length album, “Moonshine and Maybes” early 2013 and two prior EP’s, “Headaches and Heartbreaks” and “Silver Linings“, the two have done this independently with no record deal.┬áThe two have made a name for themselves in the Texas music scene along with being featured in respected music publications like Texas Music Magazine and Lone Star Music Magazine. While opening up for acts like Pat Green and Josh Abbott Band, they have tried to maintain a busy touring schedule. And with all of their independent hard work over the years, it will definitely pay off.

The twin sister duo are currently working their next EP which they are hoping to make available around Thanksgiving. Starting in May, they plan on releasing one new song with a video every month leading up to their EP release. In addition, Amy and April are writing a children’s book.

“It’s about a beluga whale named Wally and a seahorse named Sid and their underwater adventures overcoming different personal illnesses and hardships together and helping others face their illnesses by focusing on the positive aspects of their lives,” explains Amy.

Check out The Rankin Twins’ music video for “Jezebel” below and be sure to check back every Tuesday for our #RankinRoadRules segment featuring none other than The Rankin Twins!

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