The Guys of @RascalFlatts “Payback” Fans with a New Single (Listen!)

Rascal Flatts fans have helped their favorite country music trio soar to new heights with every project on which these talented, comedic, and downright lovable guys have worked. Now they are back with another hit on the horizon, paying fans back for their ongoing support. The second single from Rascal Flatt’s Rewind, “Payback,” is now hitting airwaves, immediately following the rise of the album’s debut offering, also titled “Rewind.”

“Payback,” which tells the tale of a man trying to convince a woman to let him be her rebound, is a fast song, packed with confidence and determination. The lyrics are an ode to those sweet nothings that all girls want whispered in their ears after a break-up, providing assurance that the man who cheated on her and let her go is a fool now living in a land of regret. Gary, Joe Don, and Jay waste no time sliding into the seat next to this heartbroken damsel in distress, covering her tab, feeding her compliments, and working toward wooing her all the way until the infidel is, well, paid back.

The suggestive chorus goes:

Mmm, baby I could be your payback. Hey, gonna help you get your sway back. Take ya to the dance floor, I’ma lean ya way back. Yeah, I’ma lean ya way back. Gonna have a real good time; don’t worry ’bout your tab, girl, put it on mine. We can show him what he can’t have, if you wanna play that game, yeah, baby I can be your payback.

Tempted, ladies? Ladies and gentlemen alike, listen to the song below and let us know what you think of “Payback” by following us on Twitter @CMchatLIVE.

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