Ray Scott’s “Guitar For Sale” Is His Best Work Yet

If you haven’t bought Ray Scott’s new album, Guitar For Sale, you are missing out. This indie release is burning up the charts at number 30 for country album sales. I’ve been listening to the man for over ten years now, and in my opinion, this is his best work yet.

Ray paints a (mostly) mature picture of life, music, love, sacrifice, and self-acceptance. My top picks on the album, “Livin’ This Way,” and “The Fire,” acknowledge imperfection, humanity, sometimes being blessed, and sometimes being cursed.

Finding love, and doing everything to keep it, including selling his beloved guitar in “Guitar For Sale,” shooting a man in “Worth Killin’ For,” and talking her out of shooting him in “Put Down That Gun.”

Contemplating the failure of love, beginning with the loss of the honeymoon phase, and wondering about being cheated on, in “Soberin’ Up,” to being alone and not having to wonder anymore, in “Doin’ Me Wrong.” Processing love not turning out the way he’d expected, “Growin’ Old,” and realizing that, sometimes “… the prize isn’t worth the fight…” in “Life Ain’t Long Enough.”

And, if you need a good laugh, you can “Pray For The Fish”… as a man, so wrought with sin, that his baptism in the water, and the washing off of his sins, hardly leaves room for the fish to swim.

Ray is a funny man. He’s got a way of making life’s difficulties seem easy. His voice is raw and real.  Give him a listen, and let me know that you love it… and if you don’t, listen again.

Author: Holly Horn

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