[email protected] (Ray Scott) Releases “Drinkin’ Beer” Lyric Video (Watch!)

Country singer and sideline comedian Ray Scott released “Drinkin’ Beer,” his first single off his new album, earlier this summer. Much to fans’ delight, the song possesses that which Ray is known for — deep, booming vocals; a pure country sound; and good ole fashion humor.

“Drinkin’ Beer” is simply an ode to that carbonated, refreshing, alcoholic beverage that is more reliable than any person could ever be. It welcomes you home from work, accompanies you to sporting events and concerts, and soothes your soul when the going gets rough. So, of course, Ray pays homage to his drink of choice and his love for consuming said drink anywhere, anytime, with anybody.

The lyric video is chock full of photographs of people holding up beer mugs, glasses, bottles, and cans, saluting old faithful and kicking one (or twelve) back. The lyrics and the video show Ray’s appreciation for beer – whether it is for some R&R or a party hard type of night. In spite of this, however, Ray wants to make sure those who listen to this song don’t think he is one-track minded, so, in the middle of the song, he states “and y’all, just to prove to you that I’m a multifaceted person, there’s somethin’ else I truly enjoy doin’ … Drinkin’ beer!” Psych!

Ray is classic country personified, along with a touch of modern day envelope pushing, making him one of the more underrated (but never understated) artists in the industry. If it’s musical talent and entertainment you are seeking, look no further than Ray Scott. In fact, during #ChevyCMA, the #CMchat Country Cadre was fortunate enough to spend time with Ray and get a sneak peek of his new, unfinished album, and the offering comes with characteristics that are unique to what fans are used to from Ray, but will certainly not disappoint.

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