[email protected] Releases #GoingOutLikeThat Music Video (Watch!)

“There is nobody cooler than Reba McEntire.” Those were the words I uttered as I watched her new music video for “Going Out Like That,” the current single off her forthcoming album, Love Somebody.

“Going Out Like That” is a song of empowerment, defying the odds and showing naysayers that, despite a little wounded heart, a woman won’t falter. Rather, she will dust herself off, pick herself up, and maintain dignity by showing that her life will move on — with or without a certain someone.

The video is a perfect depiction of the strength and resilience in the lyrics, alternating between an emotionally bruised young woman charging through the romantic valley and a sassy Reba delivering the catchy and anthem-like tune. Showing the bent, not broken, brunette thumbing through memories of a relationship past and progressing to find that there’s life out there, the video encourages females to now allow men to dictate their mental states or levels of confidence. Instead, Reba shares the spectacularly stubborn mind frame that “she’s not going out like that” by hitting rock bottom because of somebody else’s actions and failure to see her worth.

The format of Reba’s “Going Out Like That” video is one of narration, using the “Fancy” songstress as the storyteller as the scenes take place around her words. Ranging from a spunky entertainer to a singing, smirking supporter, Reba shares in the victory of the young woman as she recovers from her temporary heartache.

Reba’s new album, Love Somebody, is scheduled for an April 14th release on Nash Icon Music.

Watch Reba McEntire’s “Going Out Like That” video

Reba Going Out Like That

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