Redneck Wars: @TylerFarr vs. @AaronLewisMusic

You may or may not have heard rocker turned country singer Aaron Lewis‘ take on Tyler Farr‘s “Redneck Crazy“. In short, Lewis is not fond of the song whatsoever. The song is about a heartbreak from being dumped by his girlfriend and talks about pulling his truck up on her lawn, drinking and throwing beer cans at the shadows of his now ex-girlfriend and the now ex-girlfriend’s new beau — kind of stalkerish yes.

Many people ranted about the weird stalking the song suggests, but most people loved it as it was a No. 1 hit for Farr. Aaron Lewis did not fall into the category of most people. Before a crowd at Thirsty Cowboy, Lewis, in regard to the hit song, said:

“I fucking hate this song. I just always thought the message of this song was pretty fucked up. But obviously, a lot of people related to it ’cause it went to #1, go figure. So last weekend I was at my buddy’s house watching the Patriots game, and my buddy Zach started playing this song and I was like, ‘Ah fuck, don’t play that fucking song.’ And then I started listening to the lyrics and he’d re-written the entire song in kind of an answer to the original song.”

And here is that song…

And then there was Tyler Farr who called into Electric Barnyard to talk with one of our favorite radio DJs Broadway and respond to Lewis.  You can check out on


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