Review: Ray Scott’s (@RayalityCheck) “Rayality” Deluxe Edition

With the heavy emergence of bro-country and it overwhelmingly impacting our radios, it almost always feels like a breath of fresh air whenever we hear that traditional country sound we’re all so used to hearing come through the radiowaves. Some artists may feel that the landscape of country music is changing and may feel the need to go with the grain and hop on the bro-country train. Ray Scott is not one of those artists. And never will be. Scott holds on to what he knows and who he is when it comes to his music, and you can hear it in his album, Rayality (Deluxe Edition). The outcome? That familiar traditional country sound, but not too traditional to be played with the rest of mainstream country music.

High Road” and “Grumpy” kick off the album and I couldn’t think of two better songs to do just that with. “High Road”, a song about turning one’s life around, doesn’t come in too strong, which allows it to set the tone for the rest of the album. Following up,”Grumpy”, gives the listen a classic country feel showcasing steel guitar riffs you don’t hear often enough anymore.

The album plays host to “Those Jeans” and “Still Screamin’ My Name“, both of which have had some serious past ariplay on SiriusXM’s The Highway. “Those Jeans” is definitely a humorous song about approaching a girl and asking her how she actually gets in the jeans she’s wearing. The listener will soon find out that that pickup line will only get you in trouble 9 times out of 10; and unfortunately for Ray, he finds that out all too well. “Still Screamin’ My Name” is another song with a funny relationship storyline showing how the female in the relastionship screaming his name can have many different meanings (a perfect uptempo man song).

Rayality contains a ballad called “I Love You Both” about being in a relationship with someone who has a wonderful side and a side that is the exact opposite, but despite the two extremes, he loves them both because it’s her. “Gotta Quit Drinkin’” is probably my most favorite on the album and is an upbeat song about going out the night before and waking up to a few regrets (we’ve all been there, right?). Ok, my favorite may actually be a toss up with “What Works for Willie” (the bonus track on the album). We all know that Willie Nelson likes his — Ahem — non-tobacco-like smoking products, and Ray takes us on a cleverly written journey through his experiences with marijuana where he explains what works for Willie, doesn’t work for him (at all!).

From start to finish, this album has it all. It’s one of those albums that you listen to all the way through without skipping a single track. Ray Scott is one of those guys that likes to have a good time, laugh and joke around. This album does a tremendously well job at capturing those qualities. And if Garth, Alan and Jamey Johnson are artists in your listening preferences then I’d say this album is for you. Ray has been at this country music thang for quite sometime. And with the release of his Rayality deluxe edition and his forth-coming self-titled album on its way, I’d say it’s now Ray Scott’s time.

And guess what?! You can own this album for FREE! Ray Scott and Noisetrade have teamed up to give you this free digital album download. It will be available until Ray releases the debut single from his forthcoming self-titled album, hitting radio this summer. Get it below!

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  1. Rayality is one of my Favorite Country Albums. Keep on keeping on is great too. Rayality and high road are really good too.

  2. Ray Scott is the REAL TRUE DEAL of Real Country music that has sadly lost its way. If Johnny Cash and Roger Miller had a kid it would be Ray Scott.

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